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The real key to this constantly shifting album, however, is its title track. Andrew recently spoke about his fascination with the concept of wishing (WIXIW is pronounced 'wish-you') as a process which often results in the participant ending up where they started and this notion of symmetry, conveyed by its palindromic title, is essential to the album's aesthetic. Placed right at the centre of the record, its undulating synths provide a fulcrum around which WIXIW's many energies spin, with Andrew's contradictions capturing the album's concern with the changeable nature of human experience: "Now I see it's not enough, I wish you were here with me. I can no longer take it now, wish you would not come back to me." Everything works out from the middle, bookended by the tenderness of the album's first and final tracks, so that even detractors will be forced to recognise WIXIW as a master class in tracklisting. - David Zammit

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