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Channel Orange

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6. Channel Orange

Frank Ocean

Without delving into each and every track, any of which could be plucked out as future singles, I'll sign off with the assertion that Channel Orange is a superbly forward-thinking piece of work that places Ocean lightyears ahead of his peers. Infinitely more intelligent than anything Abel Tesfaye has given us, a comparison to Drake would, quite frankly, do a disservice. Make no mistake, this 24-year-old has the potential to join Cooke, Gaye and Wonder in the pantheon of soul and RnB greats. "You're running on my mind boy," he pines on 'Forrest Gump', but on Channel Orange Frank Ocean ensures he has ingrained himself into our collective consciousness for a long time to come. I've taken a step back from the hype and it's still hard to see this album as anything other than a landmark. - David Zammit

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