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22nd December

  • In Photos of the Year: 2014 Special

    In Photos of the Year: 2014 Special

    by The 405

    We're fortune to work with a supremely talented bunch of photographers who have played a huge part in shaping the site this year, and looking back over the images from the past 12 months was a pretty joyful experience, so well done them. [read more]

18th December

  • Readers' Poll 2014: The Results

    Readers' Poll 2014: The Results

    by The 405

    Last month we launched our Readers' Poll 2014. We said a lot about being democratic and that, getting your opinions rather than making anybody accept our own as gospel. And we're really glad that we did listen to you because, collectively, you've come up with quite a lovely list of music. [read more]

17th December

  • The 20 Best Tracks of 2014

    The 20 Best Tracks of 2014

    by The 405

    There's no real interesting way to say that there have been a zillion songs that have caught our attention this year. The new music we write about, feature, share with you, the random tracks we stumble across like rare beasts in the digital jungle of SoundCloud, our few hundred-odd Tracks of the Day. We amass each of them lovingly into a gargantuan collection like a deck of Pokémon cards. [read more]

16th December

  • The 20 Best EPs of 2014

    The 20 Best EPs of 2014

    by The 405

    EPs, eh? These things aren't really mentioned all that much in the real world, in amongst the thickets of people, the majority of people most likely, whose top priority is not finding all the new music they can possibly find. Because when you do make looking for new music a priority, you'll come across a lot of EPs. [read more]

15th December

  • The 405: 'Ones To Watch' for 2015

    The 405: 'Ones To Watch' for 2015

    by The 405

    Ones to watch. This is how we put it because it's more digestible for everybody. Seems simple enough doesn't it? Artists to keep your eye on - more accurately, your ear. Even more accurately (for most people): ears. That is the premise. Interesting and outstanding artists whom we wish the best for, who have our thousandfold blessings, whom we like and want to see do well. [read more]

12th December

  • The 10 Best Remixes of 2014

    The 10 Best Remixes of 2014

    by Russell Thomas

    Remixes are a funny thing, and it's sometimes difficult to judge what makes a good remix. Instead of telling you what you might already know about, we've tried to go for what you might be interested in uncovering for yourself, the best new sounds in the world of remixes. We've tried our best. [read more]

11th December

9th December

  • The 30 Best Albums of 2014

    The 30 Best Albums of 2014

    by The 405

    With this list of thirty albums, we are not just pointing you at music that we think deserves your attention, we're pointing you at albums that we think deserve your continued attention, they deserve a second chance if you’ve previously written them off - please use their inclusion as an excuse to revisit them. [read more]

4th December

  • The Top 15 Videos of 2014

    The Top 15 Videos of 2014

    by Elle Bishop

    The medium is coming into its own. Increased access to artists, and an array of sexy new digital camera systems are giving creatives the ability to develop their ideas for audiences like never before. The 405 wishes to celebrate the most exciting, bold, creative and challenging videos. Theses are the ones which stay with you. They make you think, make my smile, and push the medium into new territory. [read more]

3rd December

2nd December

  • The 10 Best Free Albums and Mixtapes of 2014

    The 10 Best Free Albums and Mixtapes of 2014

    by Jesse Bernard

    2013 was always going to be a hard year to top, not just for the established artist but for the newcomers too. We saw the likes of Vic Mensa, Kelela and Chance The Rapper make waves. Whilst it was also the year of the big album as Kanye West, Beyonce, Drake and J. Cole all released albums. Nevertheless, we were blessed with some gems this year, which we didn’t have to spend a penny on, guilt-free. [read more]

1st December

  • 2014: Editor's Letter and Competition

    2014: Editor's Letter and Competition

    by William Caston Cook

    The idea is this: End of year coverage is an important building block towards that 'brand loyalty' we are supposed to crave. We define ourselves with our end of year lists, we define ourselves with the things that we love. You mostly agree with us, you engage with our 'brand', you trust our judgement a little more, you click back here more regularly. Or you mostly don't agree with us, you don't engage with our brand, and nothing changes. [read more]

28th November

  • The 405 meets iamamiwhoami

    The 405 meets iamamiwhoami

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    The exact location of our filmed interview was kept secret until the very last minute but on the day before we were assured by Lee: "it will be good." Her subsequent instructions, on the morning of the interview, were to take the Djurgårds ferry from the south island of Stockholm and wait at Djurgårdsvägen 68. We looked the address up: The ABBA Museum. "Bring your coats," her email concluded. [read more]

  • The Record Stores of Reykjavík: Reykjavík Record Shop

    The Record Stores of Reykjavík: Reykjavík Record Shop

    by The 405

    The appropriately titled Reykjavík Record Shop is the new kid on the block - it was only a couple of weeks old when we visited it - but that doesn't mean it's a pushover. Far from it. [read more]

27th November

26th November

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