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22nd October

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17th October

  • The 405 dissects Flying Lotus (Part Four)

    The 405 dissects Flying Lotus (Part Four)

    by Mike Clark

    To create something resembling a cogent narrative, a number of interesting digressions had to be excised from the second part of our Flying Lotus career dissection. You know: some elaboration on Steven Ellison's relationship with his new label, Warp Records; more details about the recording process of Los Angeles, his second Flying Lotus album; the state of Los Angeles’ beat scene, which had been so pivotal in the first part. [read more]

  • The Art Direction of The Walking Dead

    The Art Direction of The Walking Dead

    by Josh Brown

    When it comes to visual expression and artistic worth, television isn't really seen as the pinnacle of the form. This general disregard for the medium means that words like "televisual" are used as an insult to films that are lacking in a distinct or professional aesthetic, though is this really a fair judgement? TV isn't the most visually expressive medium, that's true. [read more]

16th October

  • Behind The Scenes with Keaton Henson at Oval Space

    Behind The Scenes with Keaton Henson at Oval Space

    by Max Sanderson

    Having seen Keaton a few times previously, one thing that struck me was how calm he was playing his keyboard - dare I say it; he looked like he was even enjoying himself, which has certainly not been the case in previous cases. One only needed to hear the quiver in his voice as he said a very few words in the way of introduction, dedication, and thanks, to know exactly what I mean. [read more]

15th October

  • Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear

    Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear

    by Tim Boddy

    They say don't work with children or animals, but this 'they' are not aware of the 405's obsession for all things cat-related. For our brand new photo feature series, we're setting up photoshoots with musicians and their feline companions. First up is Labyrinth Ear [read more]

  • The 405 meets Raury

    The 405 meets Raury

    by Courtney Buck

    You'd think that in 2014, age wouldn't be much of a factor when "judging" talent. For years, decades in fact, it's been proven that a person's age has nothing to do with their level of talent. From Michael Jackson joining the Jackson 5 at the age of five, to Raven-Symone releasing her first album at the age of 7 in the early '90s right through to today with Willow Smith earning a top 3 single at 10 and Lorde gaining worldwide recognition at the age of 17. [read more]

14th October

  • The 405 meets Awesome Tapes From Africa's Brian Shimkovitz

    The 405 meets Awesome Tapes From Africa's Brian Shimkovitz

    by Russell Thomas

    Africa remains a musical mystery for many people. Yes, the internet can in theory answer any of your questions about the hundreds of musical traditions and genres of the continent, but many of the artists who progress or add to these traditions and styles of music aren't online. The simple fact is that that only 7% of Africa's population is online. [read more]

13th October

10th October

  • The 405 meets Rachel Foxx

    The 405 meets Rachel Foxx

    by Courtney Buck

    It's an unusually warm September afternoon when we speak to Rachel. She's just returned from a trip to New York where she spent much of her time recording in hip-hop collective Pro Era's studios (up-and-coming rapper Joey Bada$$ is a member of the collective along with a number of other rappers, photographers, directors and much more). [read more]

9th October

  • The 405 meets Plaid (Semibreve Preview)

    The 405 meets Plaid (Semibreve Preview)

    by Hector Barley

    Few artists of any genre can say they've had the level of longevity, innovation and influence as London duo Plaid. Having been at the forefront of ever-inventive electronic music, the duo took time out with us ahead of their performance at the brilliant Semibreve Festival to discuss making music for over 25 years, their relationship with Warp and their passion for collaboration. [read more]

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