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6th March

  • Ji Nilsson Takeover: BoomBossGäris

    Ji Nilsson Takeover: BoomBossGäris

    by The 405

    When I make my own music it's all me - the writing, the recording, the mixing - and sure it can be a lot of work for just one person, but I love to be in charge of all that. I don't ever need to wait for some producer to finish my song or for someone to help me record one last ad-lib. [read more]

  • Ji Nilsson Takeover: Märta Thisner

    Ji Nilsson Takeover: Märta Thisner

    by The 405

    Who are the people looking at all those superstars through their cameras, portraying the mystery, the coolness, their true emotions? Meet amazing Wwedish photographer Märta Thisner, known for taking magical photos of artist like Zhala, Lykke Li, Beatrice Eli, Yung Lean, Rebecca & Fiona… to name but a few [read more]

  • Ji Nilsson Takeover: Breakup

    Ji Nilsson Takeover: Breakup

    by The 405

    Julia Spada and Ludvig Parment (Saturday, Monday) released their first single as their new duo Breakup earlier this year. I personally love their sound and luckily I have the great pleasure of both knowing and working with these geniuses. [read more]

  • Ji Nilsson takes over The 405

    Ji Nilsson takes over The 405

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    Ji Nilsson is wonderful and if you don't take our word for it then here are five empirical morsels of Actual Scientific Fact to back up this assertion. [read more]

5th March

  • The 405 meets Tlaotlon

    The 405 meets Tlaotlon

    by Martyn Pepperell

    Better known in fringe music circles as Tlaotlon, Jeremy is chain-smoking outside a cafe in Wellington (the capital city of New Zealand) while recovering from performing at a loft rave the night before. Between drags, and sips of strong coffee, he offers up thoughts on his psychedelica and cyberpunk informed techno music, and its place within "the world of virtual life technology and handheld media devices." [read more]

  • The Art Direction of Drive

    The Art Direction of Drive

    by Josh Brown

    While Drive is concerned very much with quirky lighting and costume decisions, it often gets away with it because these odd-ball choices come together to make something incredibly distinct and iconic. At the time of release audiences hungrily ate up this eccentric style, and as a result there hasn't been a recent movie propelled to cult classic status as quickly as Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive. [read more]

4th March

  • The 405 meets Purity Ring

    The 405 meets Purity Ring

    by Stephanie Vance

    Megan James has been experimenting. She’s living in Los Angeles at the moment, as she and Corin Roddick, the duo behind electro-dreampop band Purity Ring, prep for the release of Another Eternity, Purity Ring’s highly anticipated sophomore release, and tour to follow. [read more]

  • Dreaming at a Distance: On Steve Strange

    Dreaming at a Distance: On Steve Strange

    by Ned Raggett

    It would have been winter 1983, though I'm sure some website has the tendentious details -- I was in upstate New York, 12 years old, my 9 year old sister with me as we watched Solid Gold, the closest thing America had to a Top of the Pops style program pre-MTV. And don't believe the myth -- even in 1983 MTV was hardly available in all households coast to coast, including ours. [read more]

  • Listening Guide: Kate Havnevik's &I

    Listening Guide: Kate Havnevik's &I

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    We first took note of Kate Havnevik back in 2006 with the release of her debut, Melankton. A string of successful sync-licences saw the majority of the tracks on that album used on American TV and film and brought the half-Norwegian/half-English singer-songwriter sudden attention and success. [read more]

3rd March

  • Behind The Scenes with Krill in London

    Behind The Scenes with Krill in London

    by Yasmyn Charles

    The 405's Dan Kendall and Yasmyn Charles spent some time with Krill in London for this combo Behind The Scenes/Live Review feature. Check out the full report right here, and be sure to pick up the band's new album when you get a chance. It's called A Distant Fist Unclenching. [read more]

2nd March

27th February

26th February

  • Wolf Colony: Perception vs. Reality

    Wolf Colony: Perception vs. Reality

    by The 405

    We all know the saying "don't judge a book by its cover", but unfortunately we often do. I set out to examine this theory by braving the cold weather of New York to talk to strangers. They were even kind enough to let me take some pictures (thank you all!). I found it challenging but ultimately rewarding. [read more]

25th February

  • The 405 meets Tonik Ensemble

    The 405 meets Tonik Ensemble

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    Here Ágústsson talks to The 405 about influences, cooking sounds and gin: "I feel like as the time goes by there comes a point where you are forced to evolve." [read more]

  • The Record Shops of New York: Co-op 87 Records

    The Record Shops of New York: Co-op 87 Records

    by The 405

    "Aligning yourself with certain cultural movements is a huge part of the way we project our vision of who we are to the rest of the world, especially in our youth. This can involve fashion, film, art, food, sports, video games, online platforms, or plenty of other things, but musical identity is huge for a lot of people. It's how so many people find their social circle and discover who they are." [read more]

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