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21st November

  • Top 5 Songs of The Week

    Top 5 Songs of The Week

    by The 405

    "I am thinking particularly of a shower I took where the lower half of my body was under the running water and the upper half was laid out on the bath mat, eating a loaf of bread." [read more]

20th November

  • The 405 meets Espa

    The 405 meets Espa

    by Courtney Buck

    With her multi-coloured, intricately braided hair and glitter-soaked multi-coloured face, you could be forgiven for thinking that 23-year-old singer/songwriter Espa is more of a digital creation of some sort of mad scientist rather than an actual human being. [read more]

19th November

  • The 405 meets Sakima

    The 405 meets Sakima

    by Courtney Buck

    London based musician Sakima might not be on your radar just yet and to be quite honest, he's pretty happy with that. Describing his music as "left field pop", Sakima is fully aware that his music might not appeal to everyone’s tastes, especially the more mainstream pop lovers. [read more]

18th November

  • The 405 meets Liv

    The 405 meets Liv

    by Courtney Buck

    You may not be familiar with 20-year-old Liv quite yet, but that's about to change. A singer, songwriter and producer, she has the ability to do it all. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Karen Harding

    The 405 meets Karen Harding

    by Courtney Buck

    One look at 22-year-old Newcastle lass Karen Harding (or her press pictures rather) you'd be forgiven for thinking that she's already a worldwide superstar with five albums under belt. Diva pose down pat, big hair and mysterious stare, all the makings are there. [read more]

17th November

14th November

  • In celebration of CrazySexyCool by TLC

    In celebration of CrazySexyCool by TLC

    by Lyle Bignon

    1994 was a big year for music.... however, the real success story belonged to the all-female soulful hip-hop and new jack swing trio TLC, formed in Atlanta, Georgia four years prior. Lyle Bignon discusses CrazySexyCool ahead of it turning 20. [read more]

13th November

  • Zola Jesus interviewed: "I've been really excited to explore opera again."

    Zola Jesus interviewed: "I've been really excited to explore opera again."

    by Larry Day

    We recently grabbed the chance to speak to Danilova about her directional shift, inspirations and tour. She's actually just finished her tour of the UK – though she's traipsing back to LDN for a big gig at KOKO 18 November. [read more]

  • Plastic Platform [C80]: Bedlam

    Plastic Platform [C80]: Bedlam

    by The 405

    "This mix maps out of the world that our music lives in. We started with our of last release 'Closer', and then explored the restless rhythms and rich productions that have inspired us recently. Our aim was to create the sense of excitement and musical journey of our live set - hope you guys enjoy the tracks as much as we do." [read more]

12th November

  • The 405 meets Ryan Hemsworth

    The 405 meets Ryan Hemsworth

    by Courtney Buck

    When I talk to Ryan, he's just returned from a touring stint in Japan and is preparing to release his anticipated second studio album Alone For The First time. Instead of going wild or in a state of a mixture of excitement, confusion and nervousness, Hemsworth seems calm and relaxed. In fact, his biggest concern is not leaving the house. [read more]

11th November

7th November

  • Behind The Scenes with Palace

    Behind The Scenes with Palace

    by Max Sanderson

    It's hard upon hearing the bittersweet wails of frontman Leo Wyndham to not be spellbound by the music of London quartet Palace and speaking from first-hand experience, I can say that with one hundred percent certainty. Having been soothed by their serene sounds at this year's Secret Garden Party, the news that they would play two headline shows at London's St Pancras Old Church was news to my ears. [read more]

6th November

4th November

  • 405 City Guide: Reykjavik

    405 City Guide: Reykjavik

    by The 405

    Maybe you're going to Iceland Airwaves, too. Or maybe you're not and you've often wondered about visiting Reykjavík (the northernmost capital of a sovereign state – thanks Wikipedia). In any case, we've asked some of our Icelandic artist friends to share with us their favourite places in the city, from pubs and cafés to bookshops and fried chicken shops, cause, you know, it's not (but almost is) all about music. [read more]

3rd November

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