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30th October

  • Plastic Platform [C79]: Qrion

    Plastic Platform [C79]: Qrion

    by The 405

    The latest artist to take part in our Plastic Platform mix series is Qrion - a 20-year-old producer from Sapporo, Japan who we know very little about (a recurring theme, it seems). [read more]

  • The 405 meets 2:54

    The 405 meets 2:54

    by Woodrow Whyte

    After 10 minutes in the company of Hannah and Colette Thurlow I've become slightly paranoid that the sisters are hiding something from me. It's not that they are evading my questions, although there are a few polite rebuttals here and there, it's because they are so different from what I had imagined. [read more]

29th October

  • Acts and their Cats: Jack Cooper (Mazes, Ultimate Painting)

    Acts and their Cats: Jack Cooper (Mazes, Ultimate Painting)

    by The 405

    They say don't work with children or animals, but this 'they' are not aware of the 405's obsession for all things cat-related. Mathew Parri Thomas spent an evening with Jack Cooper (Mazes, Ultimate Painting) and his incredibly photogenic cat (read: total flirt), Tobi. This is what happened. [read more]

  • 11 must-see Icelandic acts at Airwaves 2014

    11 must-see Icelandic acts at Airwaves 2014

    by John Rogers

    Here are a few recommendations for anyone feeling dizzy from the sheer volume of Icelandic acts to check out - from cosmic art-pop to oddball disco to dreamy soundscapes to chaotic rock 'n' roll to a full symphony orchestra - there's a rich musical menu on offer at Airwaves '14. Most will play several shows - one official festival show, and at various "off-venue" daytime gigs - so there'll be multiple chances to check them out. [read more]

28th October

27th October

  • The 405 meets Synaesthete

    The 405 meets Synaesthete

    by Nestor Burma

    London lass Sarah Tanat-Jones, aka Synaesthete, raised pulses and warmed hearts this summer with her thundering, disco-infused debut LP, Array. Hinting at her combined drumming and vocal talents (she's also a professional illustrator), Array came in the form of a beautifully painted, techni-coloured picture-book. [read more]

24th October

  • The Record Shops of Mexico City

    The Record Shops of Mexico City

    by The 405

    Mexico City resident and film photographer Stephanie Aguirre picked these fine establishments in our look at record shops around the Mexican capital - all of them having participated in Record Store Day this year. [read more]

23rd October

  • Record Shopping with Andreya Triana

    Record Shopping with Andreya Triana

    by The 405

    If you enjoy the the warm, fuzzy glow of whiskey flowing down your pipes, you'll no doubt appreciate Andreya Triana's voice. A similar sense of comfort hits me every time I press play on her new EP; a stunning introduction to a star in the making. [read more]

22nd October

21st October

20th October

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