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19th September

18th September

  • The 405 meets Kero Kero Bonito

    The 405 meets Kero Kero Bonito

    by Russell Thomas

    Fresh sounds! You'll get 'em with Kero Kero Bonito, a trio of musicmakers from London. In particular, you'll find 'em on their debut album, Intro Bonito. Mixing videogame sounds with J-pop, dancehall, MIDI aesthetics, seasoning with cute vibes and wonderfully inane / fun subject matter, it's pretty much a perfect intro to the band. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Sinkane

    The 405 meets Sinkane

    by Lior Phillips

    There is nothing pro forma about Sinkane. Each beat of the drum feels conspicuously different, and every synth filter from the Sudanese frontman, Ahmed Gallab, seems increasingly spirited. More importantly though, there’s a kind of looseness and warmth about the new album that I find incredibly engaging. [read more]

17th September

  • My Favourite Place in London: Laura Welsh

    My Favourite Place in London: Laura Welsh

    by Courtney Buck

    Music and photography have always had a long standing relationship, whether it’s inspiration for a song or video to persuading a potential listener to tune in. For some, the visual aspect of music is perhaps even more important than the music itself. But for 27-year-old singer/songwriter Laura Welsh, images play an integral part in her musical career. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Eliza Shaddad

    The 405 meets Eliza Shaddad

    by Andrew Hannah

    Andrew Hannah grabbed some time with the excellent Eliza Shaddad to discuss her new EP: "Shaddad's beautiful voice moving effortlessly from a whisper to a powerful roar." [read more]

16th September

15th September

  • The 405 dissects Flying Lotus (Part One)

    The 405 dissects Flying Lotus (Part One)

    by Mike Clark

    To celebrate his forthcoming album, You're Dead!, The 405's Mike Clark dissects Flying Lotus' back catalogue. "Steven Ellison is many things. The head of a record label. A rapper. A student of cinema. For our purposes here, however, he's one of the most distinguished names in alternative and experimental music under the moniker Flying Lotus." [read more]

13th September

12th September

  • Loud Visionaries: John Merizalde

    Loud Visionaries: John Merizalde

    by Elle Bishop

    There's a lot to love about John Merizalde's quick rise to prominence in the world of engaging, thought-provoking music videos. His asking everyone to lift their game, is keen to put it all on the line, and is passionately pushing through the industry at a ferocious pace. [read more]

  • Loud Visionaries: Ryan Reichenfeld

    Loud Visionaries: Ryan Reichenfeld

    by Elle Bishop

    Ryan Reichenfeld is name you should get used to hearing. The man's ambition might exceed his grasp, but by God, he has one hell of a grasp on what he's doing. After Justin Timberlake, Adidas and RAC came calling, a lot of people started tuning into his way of thinking. When The 405's own Elsa Bishop sat down with Ryan, she learned that music videos are only one part of the master plan... [read more]

11th September

  • Loud Visionaries: Young Replicant (Alex Takacs)

    Loud Visionaries: Young Replicant (Alex Takacs)

    by Elle Bishop

    Creating the kind of music videos to make the darker fans of Fantasia proud, The 405 caught up with LA based director Alex Takacs, known best by his moniker Young Replicant. Thoughtful and subtle, with a flair for the supernatural streaks in everyday life, Alex's work with The xx, Lorde, M83, and Bonobo instills a deeply atmospheric and haunting visual feast to accompany the sounds of each artist. [read more]

10th September

  • Loud Visionaries: Dave Ma

    Loud Visionaries: Dave Ma

    by Elle Bishop

    Dave Ma has found his feet, and they're currently buried deep in the world of enigmatic visuals and subtle camera work. The man is aware of what makes us tick, aware of who is, and is certainly aware of how he can translate all that into beautiful filmmaking. [read more]

9th September

  • Loud Visionaries: Edward John Drake

    Loud Visionaries: Edward John Drake

    by Elle Bishop

    Born to be a James Bond villain - though fortunately for us he's taken to crafting music videos and commercials with powerful emotional hooks at play - Edward John Drake jumped on a short call between shots on a new music video he's directing. [read more]

8th September

  • Loud Visionaries: Hiro Murai

    Loud Visionaries: Hiro Murai

    by Elle Bishop

    Creating the kind of music videos that would make David Lynch proud, The 405 caught up with LA based director Hiro Murai. Enigmatic and loaded with ennui, his work with Childish Gambino, St. Vincent, Cults, and now Chet Faker, each exude a confidence - leaving a lot of people excited and anxious to see what's coming next. [read more]

7th September

5th September

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