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1st October

  • In Photos: September 2014

    In Photos: September 2014

    by The 405

    Oh damn, we're in the dreaded 'fourth quarter' of 2014. Before you know it we'll be discussing all the albums we've fallen in love with this year, and providing you with some tips for 2015. Life sure moves fast, doesn't it? [read more]

30th September

  • Third Quarter Report 2014

    Third Quarter Report 2014

    by The 405

    Festival season, for better or worse, hit its unofficial close with the descent of autumn roaring in. And while the sunny season becomes nothing more than another recent memory, we were bestowed with some life-long gifts in the past few months. FKA Twigs confirmed the hype, indie rock veterans Spoon and The New Pornographers showcased their long-time prominence, and everyone seemed delightfully floored by the returned of the elusive Aphex Twin. [read more]

29th September

  • The 405 meets 3RDEYEGIRL

    The 405 meets 3RDEYEGIRL

    by George Meixner

    As I read over my notes on a table which overlooked Greek Street on a rather lovely mid-September Monday, I noticed the snail swirls on the immaculate carpets that cover London's oldest French restaurant. Wow, I think, the lengths they have gone to in order to tailor the decor is remarkable. It turned out I hadn't seen anything yet. Far from Monday blues, things were about to get purple. [read more]

  • In Conversation: Brown Brogues and Eternal Summers

    In Conversation: Brown Brogues and Eternal Summers

    by The 405

    The great Haus of Pins spent this year's Cassette Store Day pushing one of the finest tapes around - the incredible split EP featuring Brown Brogues and Eternal Summers. But how did these two bands - separated by the unforgiving Atlantic - come together? [read more]

26th September

  • Top 5 Songs of the Week

    Top 5 Songs of the Week

    by The 405

    "Twitter and Facebook and MySpace; all that stuff makes you warped. We've all basically given ourselves data entry jobs. I've actually heard people say things like, "Aw shit, I have to update my Twitter." Really? You have to? That's a big priority for you?" [read more]

  • The 405 meets Buzz Osborne

    The 405 meets Buzz Osborne

    by Steve Sweet

    Buzz quietly walks up onto the stage and goes through the moments of preparation you'd expect before a one-man acoustic show but as soon as he hits the first chord it's apparent that this will be no ordinary 'folk' show. He stalks the stage like a caged animal, much more animated than when he's with his band, perhaps making use of the space on the normally cramped stage, perhaps feeling a need to bring more to the show, to 'entertain'. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Ty Dolla $ign

    The 405 meets Ty Dolla $ign

    by Courtney Buck

    On first glance, Tyrone Griffin, Jr. Is your average, run of the mill rapper from Los Angeles, California. His single 'Or Nah' (featuring downbeat crooner The Weeknd & label boss Wiz Khalifa) is currently doing the rounds in the clubs and has become something of an underground hit. But upon speaking to Ty Dollar $ign, there's a lot more that meets the eye. [read more]

25th September

  • The 405 meets KYIKI

    The 405 meets KYIKI

    by Courtney Buck

    As the singer with Crystal Fighters, Eleanor Fletcher has spent much of the last four years of her life and career extensively touring the globe. Their unique fusions of genres have earned them worldwide critical acclaim leading to sold out shows and unmissable festival appearances. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Curxes

    The 405 meets Curxes

    by Robert Whitfield

    We managed to wrangle some spare time from both Roberta and Macaulay (the duo are currently putting the finishing touches to the record) to chat about VERXES, the history of the band and their approach to making music. [read more]

24th September

  • Plastic Platform [C75]: bawxxx

    Plastic Platform [C75]: bawxxx

    by The 405

    For this outstanding Plastic Platform mix, bawxxx gathered essentially remixed tunes that range from Ciara's 'Sorry' and Lido's 'Money' to Mr. President's 'Coco Jambo' and Spice Girls' 'Spice Up Your Life'. [read more]

23rd September

22nd September

19th September

18th September

  • The 405 meets Kero Kero Bonito

    The 405 meets Kero Kero Bonito

    by Russell Thomas

    Fresh sounds! You'll get 'em with Kero Kero Bonito, a trio of musicmakers from London. In particular, you'll find 'em on their debut album, Intro Bonito. Mixing videogame sounds with J-pop, dancehall, MIDI aesthetics, seasoning with cute vibes and wonderfully inane / fun subject matter, it's pretty much a perfect intro to the band. [read more]

  • The 405 meets Sinkane

    The 405 meets Sinkane

    by Lior Phillips

    There is nothing pro forma about Sinkane. Each beat of the drum feels conspicuously different, and every synth filter from the Sudanese frontman, Ahmed Gallab, seems increasingly spirited. More importantly though, there’s a kind of looseness and warmth about the new album that I find incredibly engaging. [read more]

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