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21st April

  • Photo Feature: 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?'

    Photo Feature: 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?'

    by The 405

    "The project comes from my interest in the real people behind the stage persona. That when they're onstage, musicians and singers can seem otherworldly, removed from normal existence. They're worshiped and praised by an audience that doesn't see them return to the budget hotel room and shed the mask they wear for the public." [read more]

20th April

  • The 405 at Record Store Day 2015

    The 405 at Record Store Day 2015

    by The 405

    For this year's Record Store Day, 405 photographer Charlotte Swindell made her way to Reflex in Newcastle, while Matt Richardson went on a bit of an adventure, taking in Rough Trade East, Ample Play, Sister Ray and Rough Trade West. He even snapped an enthusiastic-looking Jarvis Cocker. [read more]

  • Queers To The Front! Bent Fest & the Queer DIY Punk Scene

    Queers To The Front! Bent Fest & the Queer DIY Punk Scene

    by Woodrow Whyte

    The audience who have assembled in a sweaty basement in Dalston burst into cheers and laughter. It might have had a little more shock value were it not for the name of the band and the bone-crushing ferocity of their music. It seems misandry is a dish best served in 2 minute salvoes of screaming queer metal, fronted by a sweaty man in a gold sequin dress and black wig. He looks like he might pass out at any moment from over-abundance of rage. [read more]

17th April

  • Plastic Platform [C86]: Zuper

    Plastic Platform [C86]: Zuper

    by The 405

    This selection of music covers a range of flavours, from smart late-afternoon house-tinged preludes heralding fun-filled evenings to horizontally inclined offbeats soaked with liquid percussion and a glorious sense of doing nothing. Stick this mix on and do nothing yourself. Or file it under "First BBQ of the Year" and keep it for such an occasion. Enjoy. [read more]

  • An Evening With Moon Bounce

    An Evening With Moon Bounce

    by Michael McAndrew

    I arrive in Ann Arbor on a freezing Wednesday in February determined to get to the bottom of "mutant pop" and the man who creates it. I probe him on his influences, his songwriting process, and the new material he's working on. I look for any hint of the tongue-in-cheek darkness that runs through his work in his infectious positivity. It's a night of little moments, of tiny revelations. The first? [read more]

16th April

  • The 405 meets The Soft Moon

    The 405 meets The Soft Moon

    by Andrew Hannah

    Since forming The Soft Moon in 2009 in Oakland, California, Luis Vasquez has combined the aggression of industrial music with the bleak emotional openness of prime Depeche Mode, producing blacker-than-black music that shares a vision with 80s synth/goth pop but thanks to Vasquez’s brilliant production that switches from an uncomfortable fog to sharp, gleaming metal, it’s very much 21st century music. [read more]

15th April

  • The Essential Joanna Newsom Playlist

    The Essential Joanna Newsom Playlist

    by Doron Davidson-Vidavski

    It’s difficult to suggest the best entry point into the Newsom back-catalogue for a novice. Her first album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, is perhaps a touch more accessible than its siblings, partly thanks to the fact that the majority of its tracks are of normal length. Nevertheless, to our ears, Newsom’s debut – when compared to Ys and Have One On Me – is but a hint of her talent, both in terms of the lyrical content and musical virtuosity. [read more]

  • The Art Direction of John Wick

    The Art Direction of John Wick

    by Josh Brown

    If you're looking for an action film that bursts with passion and skill then there's simply nothing on the market as interesting, as exhilarating, or as brutal as John Wick. [read more]

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8th April

  • A rising tide could lift more than artists' boats

    A rising tide could lift more than artists' boats

    by Ned Raggett

    Given Jay Z’s role as the prime mover of the project via his purchase of the original service, he’s come under the biggest focus -- and in terms of aesthetics, it’s kinda hard to beat critic Geeta Dayal’s take the other day: “Just what does Jay Z have to provide me? I am honestly uncertain...Jay Z’s newest cd was dreadful. Hearing that in lossless audio versus paying attention to that on a cruddy YouTube stream?” [read more]

7th April

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