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21st February

26th August

24th February

17th January

  • LeeFest: Marketing Manager

    LeeFest: Marketing Manager

    by The 405

    LeeFest is a small, non-profit music and arts festival that takes place in SE London each Summer. The festival has a very unique story that has been of great interest to the UK press, and has given the event an inimitable atmosphere. The festival is now beginning to grow in size and stature, and in the past couple of years has been recognised with several industry awards. [read more]

7th January

20th October

  • The 405 Needs You: We're Looking for New Writers and Contributors

    The 405 Needs You: We're Looking for New Writers and Contributors

    by The 405

    The 405 has grown steadily over the past five years since our inception to a level that we could never have anticipated. However we're not ones to rest on our laurels and are keen to continue this development over the next five years (keep those Stalin-esque five year plan comparison to a minimum please - Ed), and to explore pastures new - place our crisp new footsteps on untouched snow. [read more]

1st October

4th September

  • 405 Jobs: Music Photographers

    405 Jobs: Music Photographers

    by The 405

    We're after photographers (or artists) that can provide us with a 'rounded' sets of images from a night - general atmosphere shots, the people who attend, fan portraits, the details, venue details, the singers shoes, the dude covered in sick passed out in the toilets etc. Tell us a story! Document the process. [read more]

3rd September

  • 405 Jobs: Audio Engineer for Video Sessions

    405 Jobs: Audio Engineer for Video Sessions

    by The 405

    We're after an audio engineer for our video sessions that we shoot on location. It's important for certain shoots that candidate has their own mobile mixing desk, or to at least have access to one, as the performances we may need you for will be of 'plugged in' sessions. [read more]

  • Become a Guest Editor for The 405

    Become a Guest Editor for The 405

    by The 405

    Have you got what it takes to become a Guest Editor for The 405? Yeah? Excellent! Read on! As we've mentioned numerous times over the past few months, we're always looking to expand the 'non-music' sections of site (Fashion/Tech/Art/Design/Film) - but that requires a keen editorial touch. This is where you come in. [read more]

17th August

23rd July

  • Quarterhouse: Chief Technician

    Quarterhouse: Chief Technician

    by The 405

    Quarterhouse is a multipurpose events venue in Folkestone Kent. As Chief Technician you will support and help deliver the Creative Foundation’s goals, by managing and developing a welcoming, profitable and legally compliant performance and event technical function that will help sustain the Quarterhouse's ambitions to be a successful, artistically credible and financially viable venue that will enthuse and inspire staff, stakeholders and audiences. [read more]

24th June

  • Quarterhouse: Manager

    Quarterhouse: Manager

    by The 405

    Quarterhouse is an ambitious multipurpose events space, hosting events that include comedy, music, theatre, dance as well as a multitude of creative conferences and seminars. The venue is now looking for a new manager to oversee the daily running of the space. [read more]

10th June

  • Songkick: Paid Internship (2-3 months)

    Songkick: Paid Internship (2-3 months)

    by The 405

    We have an immediate opening for an ambitious Graduate to join us at Songkick HQ, London. We’re in search of someone to work in our community and moderation team for a 2-3 month paid internship (there is potential for the role to develop). [read more]

10th April

3rd February

  • The 405 Jobs: Web Development Intern

    The 405 Jobs: Web Development Intern

    by The 405

    Love building things on the Internet that make people go wow? Got a few hours to spare to learn some skills? Want to work with one of the country's leading online digital publications and web design companies? Well get in touch! [read more]

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