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Fiordmoss' new single 'Madstone' is very exciting

Fiordmoss' new single 'Madstone' is very exciting

by Courtney Buck, Photography by Jan Durina, 16 February 2016

Berlin-based musical outfit Fiordmoss are an interesting bunch. Two of the members, Petra and Roman, are art students who rather sadly lost all of their instruments in an apartment fire. But with that pain from such an unfortunate incident, they've managed to - along with fellow members Jan and Jon-Eirik - create this dark, gloomy and sometimes murky indie electro-pop sound that's starting to set them apart from their peers.

They've been working towards their debut album for quite a while, more so following the release of their Ink Bitten EP from 2013, but now return with a brand new single 'Madstone' - an eerily disturbing, bass drum-heavy track brought together with Petra's vocal, which has an aura or flavour of Björk behind it. It's mysterious and rather intriguing and I'm already craving to discover more.

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