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Joy Crookes shares impressive debut single 'New Manhattan'

Joy Crookes shares impressive debut single 'New Manhattan'

by Courtney Buck, 05 February 2016

17-year-old south London-based Joy Crookes arrives armed with a stellar piece of theatrical pop as her debut single, entitled 'New Manhattan'. Beautiful harp scales weave around guitar licks while Crooks delivers pristine vocals and adlibs while strings take over, adding a more ethereal experience to this stunning debut, co-written by Joy and producer Michael Percy.

It's a strong statement of intent and if she plays her cards right, Joy Crookes could be around for a long time. "'New Manhattan' is a love song," she explained in a press release. "It's also a nickname for an area in North Brussels, Belgium, which was the inspiration for this song."

Currently working on her debut album, expect plenty more from Joy Crookes in 2016.

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