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Listen to Go Yama's glitchy new track 'Up There'

Listen to Go Yama's glitchy new track 'Up There'

by Courtney Buck, 23 February 2016

A lover of ramen is a winner in my books and Japanese-American producer Go Yama is just that, describing himself as a "producer, ramen lover and guitarist" from both California and Boston.

What's interesting about his work is, with his Jazz background, he's managed to find a way to incorporate live instruments into his music, unlike many producers who keep it all electronic. His latest release, 'Up There', continues the theme of bringing glitchy future R&B to the present, but there's an underlying jingle in there that sounds a bit like what 'Habanera' from the iconic Carmen opera would sound like if it was made in 2016. Press play and enjoy.

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