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Rachel Foxx reminisces on that old thing on 'Remember'

Rachel Foxx reminisces on that old thing on 'Remember'

by Samantha O'Connor, 29 February 2016

22-year-old east London artist, Rachel Foxx makes deep sultry R&B. Her voice is rich and powerful, yet her choice in shimmering production makes for a pleasing sonic cocktail. On her latest vulnerable delivery 'Remember,' Rachel wants that old thing back, despite how utter trash he may be. But with vocals like that, no one's judging.

"'Remember' is about reminiscing on the past with someone who has constantly screwed you over and done evil things," Rachel mentioned to The FADER. "It's about forgetting the bad and remembering the good. It's about being naive, and finding yourself wanting something back even if it was a volatile situation."

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