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Ben Gibbard - 'Ichiro's Theme' [Listen]

Ben Gibbard - 'Ichiro's Theme' [Listen]

by New Music Team, 24 July 2012

Unless you're the type of person that stalks the sports channels at 3am, or American, the name Ichiro Suzuki probably doesn't mean that much to you - but we're told he plays baseball, which is sort of like cricket apparently.

If our fact-checker is correct, he's moved from the Mariners to the Yankees, which is sad news (right?) for Mariners fans, including Ben Gibbard of Death Cab fame.

"Totally okay with this trade. Thanks for your best years, Ichiro. We will always look back on them fondly."#Mariners #Ichiro I wrote this song a few years ago. Today seems like the best day to share it with you. Thank you so much, Ichiro."

Check it out below, and look out for his debut solo album, Former Lives, which is released on October 16th via Barsuk.

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