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Bibio - 'You' [Listen]

Bibio - 'You' [Listen]

by Joe Thompson, 17 April 2013

One of the things I find exciting about Bibio is that with each release you never know what you're going to get. Stephen Wilkinson, recording as Bibio, has evolved the sound of this project over the years.

'You' is a new track from the forthcoming release Silver Wilkinson and finds Bibio in full blissed out dance mode. A slinky bass line and glitch drumbeat announce the beginning of the track. Guitars sneak in and establishes a melody. A full minute in and the track explodes into a full on dance groove built over choppy hip-hop rhythm that's ever so slightly off the beat, giving the feeling of being knocked back and forth. Effects laden soulful vocals singing "I'm somebody just like you" are chopped up and rearranged over the groove. 'You' cools down for a moment, never fully dropping out, but letting keyboards and vocals give us a chance to get our bearings. Not too long though and the electronic is back in full swing. As the dance groove gradually fades into silence, 'You' gives us a one minute sparse, ambient tag full of swells and echoes.

Silver Wilkinson is released on May 13th from Warp Records.

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