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Coldplay announce concert film

Coldplay announce concert film

by Timothy Mobbs, 25 September 2012

As Chris Martin's head swells to a size more akin to that stupid yellow ball that he used to paw at during the X&Y tour, you can continue to bask in Coldplay's warm and all-inclusive glow by handing over your hard-earned cash for the band's first live album/film in nine years.

Rather pompously titled Live 2012, the film documents the Mylo Xyloto tour and was directed by Paul Dugdale, who's war crimes also include Adele's Live at the Royal Albert Hall (Adele has a film?) and will offer up "candid portraits" of the wild'n'whacky quartet. Quite how "candid" these accounts will be vary from that time when the forgettable bassist and drummer were "quite upset" about a Chardonnay from an "average year" being included on the band's recent tour rider in London, and when Chris Martin complained he had insufficient room to "mince about" on stage in New York last year. These incidents may or may not have happened, but it sounds more exciting than the real thing, and they surely won't starve any time soon.

Live 2012 will premiere on November 17th on the "premium TV channel" EPIX, online at and on Epix's mobile app (phew!) The band will also be released the single 'Hurts Like Heaven' on the same day, then on November 20th the whole thing will be available on "CD/DVD, Blu-ray/CD, and digitally" and will be sure to send you to ZZZ.

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