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Exposure: The Hics

Exposure: The Hics

by Hector Barley (Google+), 20 February 2013

Exposure is our scrapbook of our favourite new bands. Today's exposure features London based downtempo electronica 6-piece The Hics.

  • Name: The Hics
  • Location: London
  • Genre: Downtempo Electronic
  • For Fans of: The Invisible, James Blake
  • Website: Facebook

'Downtempo electronica' might well conjure thoughts of lone-bedroom musicians, however there's a lot more going on in the music of London 6-piece The Hics. The band's sound is smothered with dreamy, reverberant synth pads and sultry, soul-inspired rhythm tracks. What truly sets The Hics apart is their spellbinding vocals which are equally refined and emotive.

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