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Giorgio Moroder uploads rarities, joins Soundcloud

Giorgio Moroder uploads rarities, joins Soundcloud

by Tim Boddy, 19 October 2012

You know how every other contemporary disco-related review, or press release, contains a reference to Giorgio Moroder? Well what are we supposed to write when Giorgio Moroder is the one doing the releasing?

That's the delightful quandary we face, as the legendary producer and figurehead of disco has discovered Soundcloud and uploaded a whole bunch of tracks, including some rarities, to his newly created account. Included is the 13 minute dance-floor monster 'Chase', the theme from the film Midnight Express.

In fact he's been so prolific he's even had to start up a secondary Soundcloud account as all the minutes have been used from the first. The second account sees a Donna Summer remix of the iconic 'I Feel Love', and also a couple of tracks from seminal science-ficton film Metropolis, which he reworked in 1984.

This is a perfect excuse to set aside an evening to get reacquainted, or even just plain old acquainted, with some truly inspirational, hilariously ahead-of-the-curve four-to-the-floor gems. Be super-quick if you want to get those downloads.

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