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How Bizarre: 11th January 2013

How Bizarre: 11th January 2013

by Max Sanderson, 11 January 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Now, let's talk about weird stuff...

Fat Beats

The seemingly endless challenge of producing the 'fattest' (aka phattest) beats in world of hip-hop may have been finally reached this week by the people down at with their 'Tummy Talk' composition:

Portrait of an Artist

No HWBZRE ever feels complete without an appearance from our favorite herbal loving regular Snoop Lion, who this week saw some fan-made art (from Jason Mercier) in what can only be described as the most appropriate of materials:

Musical Tats

Speaking of questionable portraits, the good folks down at BuzzFeed have compiled a list of dodgy artist-inspired tattoos. Highlights include Motörhead, Miley Cyrus and a truly terrifying Avril Lavigne:

Ace of Spades

In a year that promises to produce some fine talent, a one-to-watch that seems to have been left under many a musical radar comes in the form of Compressorhead. Currently sticking to eat-your-heart-out covers, the three piece band have impressed many with their take on > Motörhead's 'Ace of Spades':

Oh, and I forgot to mention; they're fricken' robots.

How Bizarre…

PS. Did you know…

Most toilets flush in E flat

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