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In Photos Special: Independent Label Market 2012 - Spitalfields

In Photos Special: Independent Label Market 2012 - Spitalfields

by Tim Boddy, 19 May 2012

The 405 spent a thoroughly pleasant couple of hours at the Independent Label Market in Spitalfields - where a dangerous (to our wallets anyhow) amount of vinyl, CDs, cassetes, badges, coffee and hangovers were on offer, from all our favourite labels.

A smashing atmosphere in terms of company and goodwill was absorbed, alongside a range of oddities to explore. Such as the 'Bobby Womack Experience' via XL Recordings; simply stick your head in an astronaut's helmet, and see what Womack would see and hear. Check out the photos from the annual London-based event in this article.

Warp Records, who served up a tombola

Smiley chaps at Lex

Sunday Best in their Sunday best

Full Time Hobby, the label that Seams recently signed to...

...And a Seams bag nearby

Moshi Moshi

R&S Records, who had a great deal of test pressings and other goodies on offer

The Bobby Womack experience at the XL Recordings stall

Chess Club, who we learned went to great lengths to source these retro cassette players

Factory Floor at the O. Genesis stall

Tim Burgess

Fortuna Pop!

The Fabric stall, where a lucky dip was on offer for £5; prizes from Fabriclive Cd's to fabricfirst memberships

The rest...

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