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MellowHype push back album release date, unveil artwork and 'La Bonita' video

MellowHype push back album release date, unveil artwork and 'La Bonita' video

by Christian K. Breedlove (Google+), 30 August 2012

MellowHype (the combination of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future) have pushed their forthcoming album Numbers back a few days. Apparently, this is due to "getting the masters right."

The new official release date is October 9th and you can view the tracklist below. Keep in mind, the features and production credits have not been released yet, but they'll be out soon.

Check out the artwork, tracklisting and video for 'La Bonita' below.


  • Tracklisting:
  • 1. Grill
  • 2. 65/Breakfast
  • 3. Astro
  • 5. La Bonita
  • 6. Beat
  • 7. Snare
  • 8. Untitled L
  • 9. LeFlair
  • 10. Monster
  • 11. 666
  • 12. P2
  • 13. GNC
  • 14. Brain
  • 15. Under 2
  • 16. Break

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