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Nordic Adventures: Edition #6

Nordic Adventures: Edition #6

by Johan Alm, 06 July 2012

The past month has seen the release of The Tallest Man On Earth's third full-length There's No Leaving Now (which is amazing in case you haven't heard), a free surprise-EP from jj and Lykke Li covering Fleetwood Mac for a tribute album. Besides that it's been a pretty amazing month for Nordic, and particularly Swedish acts as well.

First out we've got the 'return' of one of Sweden's best and most respected singer-songwriters; Jens Lekman. Lekman is set to release his first full-length in five years in September, but it's not really appropriate to label it as a return since he released an EP last year. The record will be called I Know What Love Isn't and in early June he unveiled the first single from the album, 'Erica America', and a few days ago the Marcus Söderlund-directed video for the track was released as well. Check it out below.

World Tour already released one of the finest EPs of the year in their debut EP Believe via Cascine, but in mid-June they unveiled yet another new single. 'Forever Tonight' is just as good as the Believe EP and it was released via World Tour's second home, the Stockholm label Emotion. Give it a listen below.

The Malmö-based indie act YAST is a personal favourite of mine and early this year they released the 'Believes' 7" which remains one of the very best singles released this year. This month they decided to follow it with a second 7" for the equally impressive 'Strangelife'. If only YAST had a full-length out you wouldn't have to worry about finding your summer soundtrack – both 'Believes' and 'Strangelife' are perfect summer songs. Give 'Strangelife' a listen below – plus check out the remix from Azure Blue as well.

The Swedish songstress Noonie Bao released her debut single 'About To Tell' earlier this year via Stockholm's finest label Hybris and now she's released her second single 'Do You Still Care?' via her own 2ManyFreckles label. 'Do You Still Care?' is an original and affecting pop song, extremely catchy while telling the story of a broken heart. The video for the track was recorded outside New Dehli in India and it's just great.

The Stockholm act Museum Of Bellas Artes is currently working on their full-length debut album, the follow to their acclaimed EP Days Ahead, and earlier this month the first single from the LP premiered. 'Bear Cubs' is just over three minutes of indie pop perfection and it certainly bodes well for the full-length. The track was released as a 7' single with the b-side 'Dead Silence' via Force Majeure in mid-June. Listen to both tracks below.

So there's the regular five and here comes the bonuses; a new track from the Swedish punk outfit Holograms, a new video from your favourite folk sister-duo First Aid Kit and two new remixes of Faye's wonderful 'Water Against The Rocks' single – one by Dreamtrak and one by HNNY. Well, that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it.

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