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Shlohmo feat. How To Dress Well - 'Don't Say No' [Track of the Day]

Shlohmo feat. How To Dress Well - 'Don't Say No' [Track of the Day]

by New Music Team, 19 February 2013

Whilst Shlohmo has the ability to sound incredible on huge speakers, his latest track invites you to head into 'headphone territory' to truly appreciate the vast nature of his production, and Tom Krell's (aka How To Dress Well) soaring vocals.

Starting relatively basic in terms of orchestration, the track's foundation is firmly set with a simple, yet incredibly effective beat. Once you hit the one minute mark though, things start to open up quite considerably, with hi-hats cutting through dense, layered vocals.

It's the second track to be taken from Shlohmo's forthcoming Laid Out EP which is released on March 4th via Wedidit and Friends of Friends.

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