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Singles Of The Week // 5th September 2012

Singles Of The Week // 5th September 2012

by Will Tompsett, 05 September 2012

With Bestival almost upon us, and a shockingly fine weather forecast on the horizon, it is yet another week of celebration. This time next week we shall be shattered, we shall be aching, we will hopefully be spectacularly hungover, but we will have thrown some sensationally middle-class shapes to Stevie Wonder. We are legion. I am giddy with excitement. Plus, with the prospect of press toilets, I get to act all superior and arrogant around the few people I've persuaded to camp with me. Glorious. To match my mood we have a handsome selection of tracks today, from Dan Bodan to Ty Segall, by way of musical marmite Willy Moon. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

Willy Moon – 'Railroad Track'

One of the most divisive men in the alternative spectrum currently, at least in my mind, I'm still unsure how I feel about Willy Moon after my love/hate relationship with 'Yeah Yeah'. On first listening to that I thought it was frankly an abomination, but our torrid romance blossomed into a passionate indifference, leaving me confused and a little upset by the comparative simplicity of 'Railroad Track'. This is an artist creating something genuinely nuanced and original, and for that huge credit must be given, especially considering that every week I find myself lamenting the death of true creativity. 'Railroad Track' itself could actually be from a totally different artist again, awkwardly treading the line between genius and cliché in its already recognisable vocal. There is a definite sense of the epic in the Kanye-esque choral arrangement, and I think that my only real criticism of the track is the fact that it clocks in at just 2.25, which is not enough to fully develop the sonic themes introduced throughout. I just don't know how I feel, but I think I'm being won round.

Ty Segall – 'The Hill'

Ty Segall absolutely smashes it with 'The Hill'. This is anthemic, brash and utterly class, with a hook that will bring Vice to the apogee of orgasm. With points for appeal across the board, from the die-hard Segall fans to those with just a casual interest in the current garage scene, this is in that special class of tune that makes you want to get drunk, start a band, and smash the fuck out of a drumkit.  And there is a sentence that, just slightly, betrays the fact that I'm from Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Dan Bodan – ‘Aaron’

Despite his baffling eyebrows, I'm definitely a big fan of Dan Bodan. Surely a fan of James Blake, this is actually pretty stunning, sounding surprisingly rich from such a minimal set-up. I suppose post-dubstep would be an appropriate term to toss into this review, but I think it is a track that reaches beyond these restrictions to form a fresh, decisive new sound that will start to have a few of the more established acts in the field looking worriedly over their shoulders.

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