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The 405 - Cloud Corner // April 8th 2011

The 405 - Cloud Corner // April 8th 2011

by Hector Barley (Google+), 08 April 2011

Cloud Corner is our look at the best new music sent into us via Soundcloud. The feature now offers the chance to vote for your favourite, with the winner being interviewed about their experiences as an up and coming band in our sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner'. Some weeks I panic that I will evaporate the pool of new music sent into us via Soundcloud. I begin to question life, existence and the possibility of the never-ending supply of good new music. Luckily this edition continues to prove, as ever, that the stream of new music continues to flow and the current is stronger than ever. This edition also serves to win the prize for the entries with the weirdest names. Congratulations to Sneak Peek, who won last time's Cloud Corner.
Previously Featured Tracks
  Yournalist 'Nigerian Girl' by Yournalist Finnish trio Yournalist have all the credentials for a great new band. The combined package of the world's best press shot, their Scandinavian sensibilities and a painfully catchy and enjoyable upbeat sound is certainly an appealing one. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket Arcand 'Ragpickers Wine' by Arcand   Toronto based Arcand make impeccable acoustic-driven folk music. Swamped in lush reverb and delicate melodies, the singer songwriter puts many more established acts to shame. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
Jangula   'We Both Like Me' by Jangula   Other than its sonorous appeal, I've got no idea what Jangula means either; luckily it doesn't matter. The New York band make catchy, upbeat pop music - what more needs to be said? You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
Larcenist   'Leon' by Larcenist Larceny is nothing to brag about, but luckily Boston 5 piece Lacenist are. The band's slacker folk-pop sound, witty lyrics and off-kilter rhythm couldn't work more perfectly together. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
Hidden Pictures 'Just a Little Bit More' by Hidden Pictures You like catchy pop music, right? Of course you do. Hidden Pictures are the perfect example of how it is impossible to dislike the winning formula of layers of melody, harmony and an American voice. You can visit the band by heading to Photobucket
Photobucket You get one vote per day and the winner will be interviewed by The 405 for out sister feature 'Lessons From Cloudcorner' Send us your sounds

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