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The Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz vol. 2 [405 Album Stream]

The Pictish Trail - Secret Soundz vol. 2 [405 Album Stream]

by The 405 (Google+), 21 January 2013

"More self-referential is 'Sequels', ambient-sounding but traditionally-structured (well, as traditional as a melodica solo can be), with Lynch debating with himself about the positives and negatives of, for the most part, remaining in obscurity a decade into his recording career, his voice sounding sometimes like it was recorded underwater, his worries and insecurities literally drowning him as he almost resigns himself to "another ten years of shit sequels."

"All of this is tied to better to further eponymous instrumental tracks, as was the original Secret Soundz – this time the woozy, brief pieces, barely visible in the half-light, come from the soundtrack to an unreleased kid's film Lynch worked on. They're as integral as they are on the preceding volume, and Secret Soundz vol. 2 is a suitable successor in every way." [Read Full Review]

It's fair to say that Tom Baker (and the rest of 405 HQ) liked the new album by The Pictish Trail, which is released today via Fence Records. Thankfully for us, and you, Johnny Lynch has agreed to let us stream it all this week! Have a listen below, and make sure you check him out on his UK tour (tickets here).

  • January 2012
  • 24 - Glasgow - Celtic Connections @ The Art Club
  • 25 - Kirkcaldy - Adam Smith Theatre
  • 26 - Aberdeen - The Tunnels

  • February 2012
  • 01 - Newcastle - Cluny 2
  • 02 - Sheffield - The Harley
  • 03 - St Andrews - Student Union
  • 08 - Reading - South Street Arts Centre
  • 09 - Winchester - The Railway
  • 10 - Bristol - Start the Bus
  • 15 - Preston - Continental
  • 16 - London - Dalston Victoria
  • 17 - London - The Roundhouse (Hub) - w/ eagleowl, Rozi Plain, Seamus Fogarty, Delifinger
  • 21 - Edinburgh - The Caves
  • ]

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