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Uffie Preview & Interview

Uffie Preview & Interview

by Lauren Devlin, 21 April 2011

This Easter – on May 23rd, Uffie will be performing with the likes of Yusek and Brodinski at The Playground, a club night at Camden’s KOKO (info here) After releasing a string of successful singles – such as ‘pop the glock’ and ‘ADD SUV’, Uffie finally released her debut album ‘Sex dreams denim jeans’ last year, and we caught up with her to discuss producing with Mirwais, having a baby and how she feels about her up and coming performance in the UK this Easter. Your album Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans came out last year and was produced by Feadz, Mr Oizo, Sebastian and Mirwais - How do you find working amongst the guys at Ed Banger? They are the first people I really ever worked with so it was pretty natural I guess. They are very talented and all bring different things to the table. Your music has always been very eclectic in style - with samples from 60s band velvet underground combined with electro beats and rapping on your album– what are your main influences? Very eclectic as well, from Siouxsie and the Banshees, to The Specials and Biggie. I have read that you produced your first song ‘Illusion of Love’ from your album with Mirwais – would you like to get in to producing for other people? And if so who? Producing is definitely something I'm getting into exploring... it could be a fun new adventure but no plans of doing that for others just yet! You’ve worked with some amazing people – Pharell Williams and Mattie Safer of the rapture, to name a few – Is there anyone that you would love to work with in the future? The Strokes and Tyler The Creator Is there any one in music that really inspires you? If so who? Anyone who's doing their own thing, I really respect. For those who’ve heard your music and not seen you live, how would you describe your live show? Dangerous... I have a tendency to get a little too crazy and I'm prone to injury. What is your favourite/most memorable live performance? Probably playing with NERD at the Chateau de Versaille for the opening of the Murakami exhibition. Do you enjoy playing in the UK/London? Yes! The crowd is really a pleasure, they have so much fun and don't hold back! How do you find the audience here in the UK? Does it differ to anywhere else in the world? Everywhere is different, but the UK is one of the craziest. You’ve been involved in fashion – designing for diesel – do you enjoy dressing up on stage? Normally yes, but it gets a bit difficult when you've been living out of the same suitcase for weeks. Your music has been featured in advertisements for the movie sucker punch and also on the soundtrack of Broken Embraces with Penelope Cruz – If you had to chose a film to make take the soundtrack to, what would it be? Something by Harmoney Korine! At The 405 we all pick a song to go on our weekly playlist – what song can’t you get enough of this week? 'Yonkers' - Tyler The Creator

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