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405 Playlist: Sarah Blasko

405 Playlist: Sarah Blasko

by The 405 (Google+), 19 April 2013

This week's Artist Playlist comes from the rather brilliant Sarah Blasko, who recently released her new album I Awake. Not a bad way of kick starting the weekend...


"Where Are We Now?' by David Bowie: I can't get this out of my head. Achingly beautiful, I'm so glad he's back with a new record.

'Heroes' by David Bowie: A classic Bowie moment. Possibly my favourite song of his and one of my favourite videos. It's triumphant.

'I Should Watch TV' by David Byrne & St Vincent: I'm so fond of this collaboration & have played the record too many times really. I love their choice to record an album featuring brass instruments.

'Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)' by Talking Heads. This is my favourite David Byrne song. It makes me cry and feel glad to be a human.

'We No Who U R' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: A new album, a newish song from one of my heroes.

'Red Right Hand Man' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. A classic, probably one of the first songs I heard of Nick Cave when I was a teenager on a Triple J compilation.

'Full Of Fire' by The Knife. A new album is on it's way. It's been a while and I'm glad. I think they're one of the best live acts I've ever seen.

'When I Grow Up' by Fever Ray: The solo project of Karin from The Knife and one of my favourite records of the last five years.

'The Nothing Part II' by Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. A talented young lady from the U.S who'll be joining me for some shows on my European tour.

'Don't Breathe A Word' by Fletcher: One of my best friends & a member of my touring band. Ben is about to release his debut solo record 'Upon Ayr' and it's a beauty.

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