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405 Words of Fashion

405 Words of Fashion

by Chiara Thomas, 31 August 2012

As the weather plays its typical August-September transitional tricks, at least you're fashionably in the know right here. It's time to put your feet up, rest your tired typing hands and indulge in the first 405 Words of Fashion. Be excited.

This week’s Friday Fashion Favourite…Giuseppe Zanotti

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, for women, the voyage/Olympic sprint home after a night out on the town can be quite daunting. Having flirted with DJing in a past life, Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti is no stranger to life after dark. His Autumn/Winter 2012 collection of piercingly-high heels and accessories is a spiky reminder of grown-up, empowered feminity, and we love it.

After having launched his brand in 1996 with the passion to "study more the woman than the shoes," Zanotti has spoiled the modern day woman by catering to her most vital needs; high fashion and high safety. With his heels priced at around £2000, perhaps it would be cheaper to purchase a more discreet weapon but one thing is for sure: killer fashion is timeless.

Friday's Fabulous Fix-up… Mollie King

With The Saturdays over in Los Angeles filming their brand new reality TV show, there was only one thing exciting all British fashionistas; their US wardrobe. Never one to disappoint is Mollie King, whose camel-coloured floppy hat, matching summer mini dress and chic brown leather sandal heels had us drooling at her feet. Here, The 405 shows you how to get that look for less.

Dress: Topshop, £46, Belt: Matalan, £4, Leather Wooden Wedge: Zara, £59.99, Padlock Bag:, £25, Camel Floppy Hat: Forever 21, £11.99.

With your summer wardrobe updated with this season’s hottest looks at summer-breezy prices, never mind Saturdays; you can look this good every day of the week.

Take a B.O.W: This week's Brand of the Week… Coeur Menswear

Recent London College of Fashion graduate and visiting lecturer, Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, embodies all of the qualities required of a twenty-first century designer; a thriving passion, overflowing creativity and an eye towards the future. If ever there was a brand that captured the forthcoming evolving nature of British men's fashion, it's Coeur.

Not afraid to quite literally brighten up the lives of otherwise morose metropolitan men, London-based Peter brings a collection to the somewhat previously-bland array of brands in the British menswear market which juxtaposes cool with classy and traditional preppy with 2012 modern like no other menswear designer today.

The products are made from the finest and most exclusive silk woven in England, embraced by sleek detailing and cutting edge designs. As well as exquisite blazers, trousers, shirts and shorts, Coeur boasts a wide range of dapper accessories including scarves, ties and pocket squares. Run by a man labeled today's "fashion candy-man," a taste of Coeur will have your hearts racing.

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