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A Classic Education // Fantasy Band

A Classic Education // Fantasy Band

by The 405 (Google+), 20 September 2010

Here is our fantasy band chosen by each member of A Classic Education following their own instrument ha! The band is named A Rough Education, it's our way better alter-ego! Plus our secret weapon is the double vocals that our keyboard player can pull....hehe....Victoria Legrand! Our impossible Frankenstein is a six legged beast, it definitely cannot play solos but has a knack for we go: On guitar Luca says...."well if I can't pick myself in my dream band (!!!) I think i'd go for Eric Cardona, the guy in Twin Sister. I saw them this year at SXSW at this party at Karibu...I was just taken away not only be the beauty of the songs but by their guitar player, he managed to have this distant yet cozy-covering sound, a great touch and amazing taste. He was never too intrusive on the songs but was always recognizable!" For the violin, theremin and noise parts Stefano says..."I'd pick Deathprod, the guy that used to play in the Norwegian band Motorpsycho. His heremin parts and noise deliriums were essential part of their music during that time. Unfortunately it all ended with the band becoming a pretty sad psych-progressive revival deal." On keys Victoria Legrand of Beach House. Giulia says "when I think of a keyboard player I think of Victoria Legrand's class. A mix of renaissance beauty and modern mood. Her charm is hypnotic. Seeing her live can bring you to a dimension of elegant oil painted gestures." Our drummer would be Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint. Federico says "In two words: the best! The hammer of the gods directly from LA. Saw her at SXSW 2010 and was really impressed by her precision, power, a true vapor psychedelic train tearing down the tracks!" Our singer has to be Scott Walker! Jonathan says "With this range of musicians he can either go with the slow ballads or can howl and be mysterious like in his last 20 years. I can imagine him gliding through synths, grooves and well...ballads. Our bass player has to be Mike Watt. Paul says "Well it obviously has to be Watt, with a big T-bass sound in person and lines that go through your head like a song's chorus. He can turn anything into punk & groove. You can visit A Calssic Education by heading to Hey There Stranger is out now

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