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Baths announces new album Obsidian, listen to 'Miasma Sky'

Baths announces new album Obsidian, listen to 'Miasma Sky'

by The 405 News Team, 06 March 2013

Will Wiesenfeld, aka Baths, has announced his new album will be released this this May via Anticon.

The follow-up to 2010's Cerulean is titled Obsidian, and will be released on May 28th. The first cut from the album, 'Miasma Sky', can be heard in all its video game-esque quality below.

  • Obsidian:
  • 1. Worsening
  • 2. Miasma Sky
  • 3. Ironworks
  • 4. Ossuary
  • 5. Incompatible
  • 6. No Eyes
  • 7. Phaedra
  • 8. No Past Lives
  • 9. Earth Death
  • 10. Inter

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