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Coachella 2012 Weekend One: Top Moments and Video Recap

Coachella 2012 Weekend One: Top Moments and Video Recap

by Andriana Albert, 17 April 2012

For all the shit I talked/tweeted all weekend, Coachella was surprisingly diverse, less crowded and full of enthusiastic music-as-an-interest festival goers, armed with everything they would need for the weekend from hallucinogens and booze in water bottles to spirithoods (for warmth and spirit) to elaborate camp set ups, glowstick gloves and everything in between. But alas, everyone was at the fairest desert ball of them all for the one-of-a-kind music experiences that would take place over the next three days...and the installation art. Just kidding, no one cares about the art. Check out the must see performances, from the most hyped, to awe inspiring and sadly a few let-downs, as well as my top moments from Coachella 2012 week 1. I even threw in a 'Couchella' drinking game for the kiddies at home watching the live stream.

Miike Snow

Miike Snow with Lykke Li

The Black Keys

Death Grips

St. Vincent


Azaelia Banks



Radiohead closed out Coachella Saturday night with a magnetic performance that included a full band with two drummers (one them being Clive Barrow of Portishead) and an incredible visual set up designed by Brazilian engineer Muti Randolph. Though Radiohead did not play their beloved single that put them on the map, 'Creep' they did indulge fans with favorites like 'Karma Police', 'Pyramid Song' and 'Reckoner'.

The Weeknd

Frank Ocean

At The Drive In

Dre, Snoop & 2pac

Nate Dogg tribute - 'Ain’t No Fun'

Honorable Mentions:

All solid performances that I really enjoyed, but were outshined by stage-diving, buzz, my nostalgia quota for the day already being met, overlapping set times and available video footage due to copyright infringement

  • M83
  • Modeselektor
  • Pulp
  • Explosions in the Sky
  • Buzz Cocks
  • Andrew Bird
  • The Shins
  • Santigold
  • Wild Beasts

Top Moments

  • 1. 2pac Hologram appearance during the Shady Aftermath showcase featuring Snoop, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Warren G, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, the city of Angels rollin’ on dubs and Nate Dogg’s spirit
  • 2. ATDI reunite and put on the hardest show of Coachella 2012
  • 3. Azealia Banks final 'bitch nigga' count after her 20 minute set: 1128
  • 4. Annie Clark crowdsurfing while singing her new song ‘KROKODIL.’ So hawt.
  • 5. Miike Snow bringing out Lykke Li to help them put on an incredible show
  • 6. The Weeknd not living up to expectations and letting white Slash steal the show
  • 7. The Shins (thank god) playing mostly old songs
  • 8. The Buzzcocks killin’ it even though they are 80
  • 9. The interview chick driving everyone at home to drink whatever they had on hand (Cheap white wine, Robitussin, your parents 'wedding gin', 151, etc)
  • 10. All of Radiohead with the addition of Clive Barrow (of Portishead)
  • 11. Death Grips reminding us all that there are still serious hunger issues facing America
  • 12. Noel Gallagher’s rants about music piracy and anecdotes on life, summing it up best with, "The bottom line is people just like to get wasted outside." [Watch]
  • 13. Santigold’s outfits ranging from Brooklyn’s take on Tommy Bahamas new women’s line for Target and Indio High School’s backup quarterback’s borrowed uniform + puffy paint
  • 14. The Hives playing the same set they have been playing since 2007
  • 15. 'The Weeknd' spelled incorrectly on Coachella’s live cast until halfway through Sunday’s events
  • 16. Florence and the Machine having an eat, pray, jump (ing) girl power party
  • 17. Frank Ocean and Bad Bad Not Good proving they are ones to watch
  • 18. Explosions in the Sky being amazing, no words necessary
  • 19. Andrew Bird, Real Estate and Bon Iver wowing dad’s everywhere with enough smooth jams to last them the entire decade
  • 20. Wild Beasts being the most underrated band at Coachella, and still no one caring
  • 21. Modeselektor’s incredible lights and music performance that just kept going
  • 22. Justice being cock teases with a “partial set” involving all they're good songs compacted into a 25 minute set
  • 23. Destroyer lead singer clearly getting high as fuck before going on stage for a 2:30 set. It’s not psychedelic and trippy if the band is the only one’s on drugs. They are so solid, most people didn’t mind that they're mushrooms hadn’t kicked in yet
  • 24. Beats Antique putting on an engaging, theatrical show shedding light on what all those performers that tried out for The Lion King musical and didn’t make it are doing now
  • 25. Jeff Magnum live
  • 26. The Coachella interview babe being one hot mess; from flubbed lines and dumb questions to nip slips and wardrobe malfunctions. Serious fail.

Official #Couchella 2012 Drinking Game (Saturday) can be viewed here.

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