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Competition// Win an A3 lithograph Hauschka Poster!

Competition// Win an A3 lithograph Hauschka Poster!

by The 405 (Google+), 13 April 2011

We didn't realise this week would be dominated so heavily by Hauschka but we're not complaining. It started with a record review (here), then an album stream (here) and now a competition to win an A3 lithograph Hauschka poster. Woah.
For your chance to win one of these posters, answer this very simple question. What's the name of Hauschka's new album? a) Salon des Amateurs b) Salon des Awesome c) Salon des Awful Send you answers to

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    Behind The Scenes with Hauschka at Union Chapel

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    The brilliant Flore Diamant recently spent some time with Hauschka and Luke Abbott at the Union Chapel in London. The resulting photos are terrifyingly good. [read more]

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    Next week we celebrate our third year on the internet, and looking back we got to thinking about the artists we've covered the most in terms of reviews. Instantly people like Stagecoach spring to mind but in actual fact, Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka has graced our reviews section more than anyone else. Armed with this fact, we managed to persuade the good people of FatCat Records to let us put up his new album, Salon Des Amateurs (review here), on our site. So all this week... (continued) [read more]

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