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Dexterous Material: Edition No.3

Dexterous Material: Edition No.3

by Chelsea Hohn, 04 May 2012

Let’s get this straight. Less is not more. Usually. For all purposes of this column, more is more. And that’s what I’m sticking to. Which leads me to compilations, collaborations, and all things involving two or more grotesquely talented artists. The more the better.

The first of these collaborations is possibly the most ambitious, the track by Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy: 'DoYaThing'. Traditional Gorillaz style, Damon Albarn’s unamused vocals accompanied by a simple beat and unexpected twists throughout. Andre 3000 is one of those twists, bringing his wild energy and fitting it perfectly into this track. The video includes bloody ears on toast, which is almost as great as being able to download it for free.

In other wonderfully free news, newest album by Mr. Oizo “Stade 3” is available for download on his website. 'Toodoo’ features an attitude ridden Carmen Castro rapping about Godzilla and a yellow armadillo. Feel free to interpret that in any way you see fitting. The ridiculous lyrics compliment the song in the best way, the whole thing feels like a whirlwind of awesome confusion.

Next up is slightly dizzying track by Sinden and Melé. 'Steel Ride’ packs a satisfying amount of bass with quite a bit of squeaking bed springs, and somehow it works? There’s something enticing about house music in the summer. 'Steel Ride’ fits the bill, a little anticipatory, and a little dark at the same time.

Diplo working with hot bad-ass women? Unheard of.

This time around it’s firecracker Azealia Banks. She’s nearly explosive, spitting vile lyrics over an intense classic Diplo style drum-line. He seems to have a knack for picking the women that are on the tipping point of taking off, (M.I.A., Santigold, La Roux, have I proven my point yet?). It surely won’t be difficult to keep an eye on Azealia.

Speaking of Diplo, a more relaxed side of his work has been shown in newest Major Lazer track 'Get Free,’ featuring the sought after Amber Coffman of The Dirty Projectors. Coffman also was featured on another Mad Decent artists track, 'Hold On’ by Rusko off the album “Songs.”

Burial and Four Tet have worked together before, the track 'Moth’ was and remains a haunting and eerie addiction. Their newest work 'Nova’ is just as good, continuing on their reputation of a looming slightly provocative sound. With tranquil music such as this there’s a fine line between enjoyable and boring, thankfully these two know exactly how to stray far from that line. Although it’s not the liveliest music, it’s still absolutely fantastic.

Last on the list of spring collaborations is Brainfeeder artist Lapalux with the slick track 'Moments’ featuring Py. Everything Brainfeeder puts out is of a certain quality, and this is no exception. This track covers all the bases and is dripping audio gold.

Power in numbers, the more talent the better when it comes to making music. The level of excitement and importance is always elevated when two talented artists are seen working together. It's like both of their genius put together is sure to produce some sort of musical prodigy child. Music babies encouraged.

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