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Dog Is Dead // The 405 Interview

Dog Is Dead // The 405 Interview

by The 405 (Google+), 01 September 2010

Dog Is Dead are proof that nobody gives a rats ass about genres any more. Gone are the days when people sneered at the guys that wore capes and made 'prog' music. We now live in a world whereby a bunch of teenagers from Nottingham can gather round a cauldron, throw all the influences they have into the middle (no matter how varied) and produce the sort of music that people only mention due to it's beauty. I'm not suggesting Dog Is Dead are as wacky as Yes but I think you can guess where I'm coming from. Check out this short Q&A to find out more about this wonderful band! Firstly, could you introduce yourself to our readers? We are Dog Is Dead, five 19 year olds from Nottingham who make uplifting harmonious pop music. Where did the name come from? Shakespeare's Richard III Musically speaking, you've got a beautiful way of combining so many different styles together without sounding like oscar the grouch just banging his bin lid around. Where did that come from? Who influences you? Thanks. We're influenced by a whole bunch of stuff. Predominantly pop music through the ages particularly bands like The Police, Dire Straits, Paul Simon, old American punk, choirs, musical theatre, a great range. Your new single, 'Young', is set for release in September. How do you feel before one of your songs gets released into the wild? Nervous Yeah, I guess things like this are always scary. It's necessary though and there's reassurance in what we managed to achieve with a very small scale first release. Are there any plans for an album? Let's see how this single goes. Hailing from Nottingham, how do you feel about the area musically speaking? Does it have a particular sound to it? Nottingham is great. There's a few bands our age in similar positions to us who are good friends making great music, we all sound different, I think that's a good thing. We really love the acoustic video you did for 'Young'. Are there any plans to do a Bombay Bicycle Club and release an acoustic single/ep etc? Were you surprised about how well that came out? We'd never really done anything acoustic before. It was really nice to strip things back and give the songs a different light, it was refreshing. As much as I love the Bombay record I think we'd have to save it for a post album release if we were to do it. Lastly, what does the rest of the year have in store for you? Getting as far around the country as we can and spending a lot of time in the studio. Who knows though? You can vist Dog Is Dead by heading to

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