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Fair Ohs unveil Record Store Day plans

Fair Ohs unveil Record Store Day plans

by Kris De Souza, 03 April 2012

405 favourites Fair Ohs have announced today they will be releasing a very special limited edition 7” for Record Store Day 2012. The band will be taking two Paul Westerberg tracks that were featured on the soundtracksto the film Singles.

The single will feature both ‘Waiting for Somebody’ and ‘Dyslexic Heart’ which were penned by the bands hero and used in the 1992 film. Eddy Fair Ohs had this to say about it:

"Cameron Crowe's Singles was a film about a time, place and generation that had almost nothing to do with us. We're not from Seattle, we're at the younger end of the grunge spectrum and, as far as i know, sadly none of us have been in a relationship with Bridget Fonda. But, somehow, something about the film resonates with all three of us. Maybe it's the ideal we hold of early 90s Seattle life - forming bands with dudes from Mudhoney, watching nature documentaries with Stone Gossard and wearing tights under our shorts. It's the dream, you know? But Singles gave us more than just the opportunity to imagine what it was like to live in early 90s Seattle and have Bridget Fonda fall in love with you for saying Gezundheit - for me at least, Singles gave me the Replacements. Paul Westerberg's two songs on the soundtrack, his first work as a solo artist, were the best thing on an already amazing compilation and were my first introduction to the man that would soon become my favourite ever songwriter. The Replacements and Paul Westerberg totally shaped how Iapproach music and have had a pretty big impact on Fair Ohs too. These two songs are two of the best songs Westerberg has written, and I really hope we did them some kind of justice."

You can also catch Fair Ohs playing Islington's Flashback Records for Record Store Day on April 21st.

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