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FaltyDL remixes Mos Def

FaltyDL remixes Mos Def

by Matt Korman, 05 April 2013

Reworking pieces from Yasiin Bey's, aka Mos Def's back catalog always presented some inherit risk.

Always a preface for cultural prevalence and poignancy, Bey's 'Umi Says' has always stood as one of his crown jewels. The cognizant positivity and sweeping jazz rhythms stand clear as he wholeheartedly murmurs "My Umi says shine a light on the world, shine a light for the world to see." It's a daringly personal, perhaps too much for anyone to remix.

The challenge was accepted by FaltyDL, who stripped the jazz overtones for thumping drums and bass, but still held the beloved chorus in tact as a pressing loop. It's not exactly a completely organic rework, which seems like more of a nod of respect to Bey than anything else.

Check out the remix below.

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