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Guest Article // Dan Mangan

Guest Article // Dan Mangan

by The 405 Guest Writer, 17 January 2011

The Internet Proliferates Genius Stupidity I like the movie Dumb & Dumber very much. I would argue that it is quite brilliant in the quality of its stupidity. There is merit in taking joys out of inane things. A good life lived deserves to have some down time. So here it is. I have compiled a list of a few videos that are funny (to me). Let YouTube reel you in the the depths of hypno-stupid catharsis. Paula Deen Takes Ludes And Makes Food This one is genius. Paula Deen is an American TV Cooking Show Star but basically just puts together fatty food with other fatty foods - sometimes even pre-processed food from a package. Somebody has taken a real clip of her show and just slowed it down. The cat noises are amazing, as is the slow piano music. Amazing. Japanese Binocular Soccer You don't even have to get all the way through this one. It's been around a bit, but it's good for a rerun now and then. Part of the fun is imagine what it would be like to play soccer yourself with binoculars on. Gordon Pinsent Reads Beiber Actor Gordon Pinsent reads excerpts from Justin Beieber's book. Too good. SNL Great Day Digital Short Depending on when this gets posted, this may well have already taken off and become another one of Samberg's massive internet successes. But it truly is incredible. He's unstoppable. 30 Helens An excerpt from Canada's best 90's television show, "The Kids In The Hall". Baby Monkey (Going Backwards On A Pig) - Parry Gripp - Again, this might seem behind the times as it's already got millions of hits, but dammit if this isn't a slice of hilarity bread. The song is pure genius. Raptor Screech - It's a strange story how I came across this one. The look on the dude's face is so great. The weird thing is that there's a whole series of people doing these strange Raptor screeches. Hot Drinks This is CLASSIC. It's an 80's employee instructional video about how to make hot drinks. Bunker down, this could be a high repeat scenario. Winnebago Man A little behind the times, this isn't new, but my god is it good. R Kelly - Real Talk Behind The Scenes R Kelly pretty much just puts it right there in the humour sandwich for you to devour. Boom Goes The Dynamite A rookie sports caster just can't get it together. Poor guy.
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