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Listen to Chris Schlarb's take on The Beach Boys' 'Til I Die', featuring Sufjan Stevens

Listen to Chris Schlarb's take on The Beach Boys' 'Til I Die', featuring Sufjan Stevens

by New Music Team, 02 May 2013

Taken from Chris Schlarb's forthcoming Psychic Temple II album, 'Til I Die' is a cover of one of The Beach Boys' lesser known tracks (Fact: It's one of the few Beach Boys songs which both the words and music were written solely by Wilson - thanks Wikipedia) and features the ever-brilliant Sufjan Stevens.

From the moment the drums soothly enter your headspace, you'll be aware that this isn't a standard take on the track, but beautiful and touching nonetheless.

If this floats your boat (we had to throw in a nautical reference), then we suggest you grab the album when it's released on July 16th via Asthmatic Kitty. It features two more covers, plus a bunch of exciting collaborations.

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