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Listen to Tom Waits and Keith Richards cover 'Shenandoah'

Listen to Tom Waits and Keith Richards cover 'Shenandoah'

by Charlie Clarkson, 09 January 2013

A tagline that reads 'music you'll fall in love with' is justifiable at least by NPR's All Songs Considered, which has a triumphant ability to compile great playlists of exciting new music from around the globe. In this latest edition, humorous discussions of bar mitzvah experiences (relevant because the show is now 13) lead into a heart-wrenching, 'sea-chantey' collaboration between Tom Waits and Keith Richards, as they cover pirate-ballad 'Shenandoah'. Any further attempt at describing such a collaboration would be pointless; trying to do it justice would be in vain. It will never be what you expect.

Also on the programme are new releases from indie-rockers Ra Ra Riot, plus some unexpected moody-electro from STRFKR – listing just a few.

Head over to the show's online blog now to enjoy 49 minutes of new music gold.

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