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Listen: Widowspeak - 'Nightcrawlers'

Listen: Widowspeak - 'Nightcrawlers'

by Roan Proudley, 27 July 2011

This track starts off a bit like a dirty, smoky version of Miserlou. You half expect it to fade out and be replaced by Kool and the Gang’s Jungle Boogie as Travolta and Jackson begin discussing burgers and Europe. That’s when the dreamy, almost haunting vocal of Molly Hamilton kicks in demanding your attention. 'Nightcrawlers' remains surfy but serious keeping your attention with some fairly muscular guitars and demanding drums. The guitar solo towards the end brings memories of, maybe not The Doors, but certainly Apocalypse Now.

There’s a dark drama to 'Nightcrawlers' which betrays the coastal feel and makes the track all the more beneficial for it. The trio deliver a story of being new and lost in a big city which is definitely worth listening to. The nostalgic feel helps the fact they are such a new band and are displaying an encouraging maturity.

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