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Mac Miller - 'America' (feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$) [Watch]

Mac Miller - 'America' (feat. Casey Veggies & Joey Bada$$) [Watch]

by Tom Walters, 05 July 2012

I know a lot people didn't really get on with Mac Miller's debut album, in fact I wasn't the biggest fan of it either. But that initial mixtape K.I.D.S. really did it for me with its doped-up, laid-back; breezy-as-hell beats.

If we just accept that those days are over and let ourselves move on, then we might be able to uncover all the hidden gems scattered throughout Miller's discography, with this latest little ditty 'America' being one of those.

Sure, it's definitely carried by Casey Veggies and the stellar Joey Bada$$, but it could've easily slipped in as a bonus track on K.I.D.S. and is definitely worth at least a single spin.

Take a listen via the visuals below, which are predominately tinged red and have plenty of American references. Independence y'all!

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