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by D.S Wadeson, 29 September 2009

Phantom is an evocative pseudonym (or band name if you will) and in Elsie Martins' case is a perfectly apt one. Ethereal vocals infused with personality, brooding bass and pounding drums are all garnering Phantom a fair bit of hype right now (which we certainly endorse) but as is our wont we stepped tentatively through the veil to find out what makes this particular spook tick. Also check out the details of Phantom's FREE single launch party Name: Elsie Martins About me:    I write, play, sing and make all sorts of noise under the pseudonym Phantom. Listening to:  Teeth of the Sea. I've seen Teeth of the Sea live a few times now. and they were brilliant everytime. They have developed such a great sound and really know how to create a mood and get the audiences’ attention. Their full length EP - Orphaned by the Sea, is magnificent. I highly recommend a listen.  It’s just up my alley and I got my paws on it as soon as it came out. Factory Floor. Another band who seem to be marching to the sound of their own drums. Forward and playful. Why make music that is a reincarnation of the norm? Am getting sick of music being about making money. There's plenty of inspirational stuff happening in the underground at the moment The above two are my most recent favourites, but am always trawling through the web, or /and live venues listening / watching new bands. My iPod tends to be on shuffle and this morning it played a mix of Spiritualized, Mogwai, Broadcast, The Twilight Sad, Slowdive, iLikeTrains, Vivian Girls, Deerhunter, and The Field Mice. Reading:  The Bacchae. It's an ancient Greek Tragedy; fascinating stuff. Very dramatic and inspiring. I love a good revenge story. It's amazing how beautiful language was used back then to describe such gruesome happenings, it's gory yet poetic, such a contradiction that makes it so effective. You can learn a lot from this no matter how much you read into it. Don't get me started on the 'woman' in these myths and tales of woe, destruction and power....   Watching:   Eagerly waiting for the new Ugly Betty series to air (yes we all have a guilty pleasure and Ugly Betty is high on my list!) TV adaptations of Agatha Christies’ murder mystery novels. Poirot and Hastings are my favorite TV sleuths. and I recently saw Blade Runner again…it’s been too many years. Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel), I like true tales, something that tells you a bit more than you think you know. Coco's story is an interesting one, got to love struggles as an underdog but add a bit of glam and you’ve got my attention! Playing:  This game called Life. Each and everyday something new is chucked at you.. Sometimes unnoticed, sometimes like a brick wall. Plough on with a battleaxe in the air, it's worked for me. (Editors note: Sounds good, is it 360 or ps3..?) Eating:  Something fresh and healthy. Living in the city doesn't mean a rushed diet of fast-food and neglect. I love sushi and homemade salads, all the freshest ingredients with my own odd little twist from time to time. Anything else?: There's always more but do you have enough time?   Promo Info: Great Pretender - Phantom’s debut single is out on the 28th Sept on Parallax Sounds Records. It was produced by James Aparicio (Nick Cave, Mogwai, XXTeens, These New Puritans) - The music video for it was done by Art.War Ent Ltd - Go check it out!

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