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Plastic Platform C32: Love Echo

Plastic Platform C32: Love Echo

by The 405 (Google+), 24 January 2013

We continue the Plastic Platform love in (following last week's mix by Lovelier Other) with Love Echo, a duo consisting of producer Vic Miranda and vocalist Vicki Glass created in a dreamsphere in Luxembourg.

Check out their cover of The Cure's 'Lovecats' for a bespoke ambient-pop take on the classic track; debut album I Promise You Always the Sky is out January 28th via Portuguese label LebensStrasse Records where you can - and probably should - pre-order it.

See below for an intro by Love Echo to the mix, and check the tracklisting for thoughts on each individual track.

"The first half of our mix has Vicki’s picks. The tracks have the kind of psychedelia, textured dreamscapes and hypnotic, pillowy ambience that inspire her most. The last half of the mix include Vic’s picks and are well-produced, chill tracks with beautiful melodies and some vintage synth lines that make him pay attention. All the track picks make us feel extremely humbled and lucky to have the chance to put our own stuff out there."

  • Vicki’s tracklisting
  • 1. Markarians - Alligators
  • "Love his folk sensibilities and sleepy vocals."

  • 2. Gypsy & The Cat - Bloom
  • "No one does Cure/Echo and the Bunnymen 80s-ness better than these guys."

  • 3. Francis Neve - Calls
  • "The track reeled me in with its oh-ohs and ai-ais. Stellar vocals."
  • 4. Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
  • "My most-very-favorite psychedelic band. Very John Lennon."

  • 5. Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
  • "Can’t get enough of the beautifully textured dreamscapes in this track."

  • 6. Honeyslide - Black Dolphin
  • "Honeyslide oozes unadulterated, honest shoegaze. I love the truly hypnotic, pillowy ambience of this track."

  • 7. Gold Panda- Casio Daisy
  • "Sunshiney, blooming daisy bliss. Squeaky, bird-chirpy beats. Love it."

  • Vic’s tracklisting
  • 8. Pavel Petrov (Pi3) - Show Me Love
  • "Chill, lovely melody. Well produced."

  • 9. Blackbird Blackbird - Keep it up (Sun Glitters Remix)
  • "We both wanted to include my mate Sun Glitters on the mix. We love the way he made this tense tune sound chill."

  • 10. αtμ - What you like
  • "Soulful and full of heart."

  • 11. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Love Echo Rework)
  • "We wanted to calm this track down."

  • 12. Flying Lotus - Sultan's Request
  • "One of the best productions I’ve ever heard. Respect."

  • 13. Clams Casino - Leaf [A$AP Rocky ft. Main Attrakionz]
  • "This track is just chill."

  • 14. Sun Glitters - Love Me
  • "My favourite Sun Glitters track. Reminds me of good times on the road with him."

  • 15. Clams Casino - I'm God [Lil B]
  • "He’s a god and this track touches me deeply."

  • 16. Miles Bonny - As You Sleep On My Lap [Beat by Ta-Ku]
  • "Love the fat, warm sound of this track."

  • 17. House Shoes - Empire Reprise feat. Sam Beaubien of Will Sessions (Instrumental)
  • "Great track for lounging around the house."

  • 18. Essáy - Old Times
  • "My favorite track from Essay. Love the vintage synth sample."

  • 19. Clams Casino - Swervin (Instrumental)
  • "Always Clams Casino."

  • 20. Brian Eno - An Ending
  • "Simply a great ending for the mix."

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