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Rival Consoles  - S.P.K.R.S. // Exclusive

Rival Consoles - S.P.K.R.S. // Exclusive

by The 405 (Google+), 26 April 2011

Ryan L. West, aka Rival Consoles, is promoting his forthcoming album Kid Velo (out on Erased Tapes) by releasing it track by track over the course of 11 weeks. So far Drowned in Sound and The Line Of Best Fit have streamed the first couple of tracks from the album, and now it's our turn to unleash a track upon your ears. The track in question is called 'S.P.K.R.S.' and it's bloody HUGE. Can you imagine hearing this at full blast? It's so intense it would probably blow your eyebrows off. The album launch will be celebrated with a London show on June 23 at The Nest in Dalston w/Frog Pocket + Deadfader (tickets here) You can also buy the track by clicking here.

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