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San Fermin - 'Sonsick' [Track of the Day]

San Fermin - 'Sonsick' [Track of the Day]

by Hector Barley (Google+), 06 June 2013

Based on the credentials and background of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin stacks up to be fantastic. Not only is the composer/songwriter a recent graduate of Yale University, Ludwig-Leone has worked with Nico Muhly, all from the musical Mecca of Brooklyn, New York. 'Sonsick' is a fantastic fusion between Ellis' classical influences and unadulterated pop sentiment. The song, driven by the unusual interplay between bold brass sections and smooth, soul vocals, ends up sounding like a delightful cross between Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens.

The album will be released in September through Downtown Records.

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