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The Heliocentrics - 'Wrecking Ball' / 'Mr Owusu, I Presume?' [Listen]

The Heliocentrics - 'Wrecking Ball' / 'Mr Owusu, I Presume?' [Listen]

by Neil Wood, 12 April 2013

Ahead of the Now-Again release of their 13 Degrees Of Reality album on May 13th, The Heliocentrics have offered two new tracks in 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Mr Owusu, I Presume?'. The first is a chilled-out foray into mid-tempo, psychedelic funk; possessing hypnotising percussion and bass.

The latter, 'Mr Owusu, I Presume?', is packed with 60s styled gritty guitar licks that make for a more upbeat aura. Overflowing with gorgeous bass slides and carefully placed swirls of atmospheric, nondescript noise, the track ticks along with intoxicating ease.


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