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Tom Waits to tour?

Tom Waits to tour?

by Kris De Souza, 01 August 2012

The ever mysterious Tom Waits has stirred his fans into somewhat of a frenzy by posting the above picture online which suggests that he may be making an announcement next week. The buccaneering picture depicts Waits with an eye patch and sward along with his trademark hat and the words simply reading 'Coming August 7'. Speculation suggests that this announcement will be regarding a new tour of some kind.

Waits has a history of aloofness regarding announcements with the singer posting a series of cryptic videos to promote his 2008 album Glitter and Doom. As well as this picture Tom has recently appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform 'Raised the Right Men' from last autumns album, Bad as Me.

More news on this next week.

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