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WHY? - 'Jonathan's Hope' [Listen]

WHY? - 'Jonathan's Hope' [Listen]

by The 405 (Google+), 28 August 2012

Following the release of their Sod In The Seed EP, WHY? are back with the first cut (and opener) from their forthcoming new album, Mumps, Etc., titled 'Jonathan's Hope'.

We first heard the track back in October at their acoustic show at the Union Chapel in London, but it's nice to see the track develop over the course of the year.

Check out the track below, our recent interview with Yoni Wolf here, and your eyes on your local record shop window on October 8th when the album is released.


  • 1. Jonathan's Hope
  • 2. Strawberries
  • 3. Waterlines
  • 4. Thirteen On High
  • 5. White English
  • 6. Danny
  • 7. Sod in the Seed
  • 8. Distance
  • 9. Thirst
  • 10. Kevin’s Cancer
  • 11. Bitter Thoughts
  • 12. Paper Hearts
  • 13. As a Card

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