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Woods - 'God's Children' [Listen]

Woods - 'God's Children' [Listen]

by Chester Higgensworth, 11 April 2013

Is 'God's Children' the most overlooked Kinks track, perhaps denying it classic status? Indeed, ex-Kink John Gosling puts it in his top three Ray Davies songs. Maybe this helped Woods' main man Jeremy Earl cast his falsetto across these words and chords when he chose this cover to back new single 'Be All Be Easy'.

Slightly confusingly, 'Be All Be Easy' was originally released in 2011 on the bands sixth album Sun and Shade. However, in 2013, Woods have a new drummer and time on the road gave an old song new shape. So they have committed a re-recorded version to tape as a farewell to the bands Rear House studio.

'God's Children' is very close to a religious song. Maybe that was Ray Davies' intent back in 1971, or perhaps he was referencing 'the good lord' as something idyllic. The cover Woods have created is certainly faithful to the original instrumentation. What they have added is the softer edges of The Byrds rich harmonies and a Simon and Garfunkel level of intimacy. Cymbals are merely tapped with sticks, drums are dampened, layers of clean-channel instruments strummed with intent and restful tones underpin the chorus. But Woods have brought a pace and sincere passion to their cover. This is three minutes of a band delighting in the challenge of another author's song, of playing in the pocket and doing what a lot of good cover songs can do – introduce new fans to older sounds.

Woods release their new single 'Be All Easy' on 8th July which is backed by this cover.

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