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405 Video Games: WWE '13 Wrestler Roster Announced

405 Video Games: WWE '13 Wrestler Roster Announced

by Jacob Dennis, 22 August 2012

The roster of playable muscle-bound actors has been announced for WWE '13, the latest iteration in a line of games that stretches back 12 years. With 87 characters, this is the biggest roster yet and includes classics such as The Undertaker and Mankind alongside newer greased-up greek wannabes I've never heard of, like Road Dogg and Brie Bellar.

The game also features classic versions of our favourite now-decrepit wrestlers, with pre-mask removal debacle Kane, a more hirsute Undertaker, Stone Cold who, to be honest, always looked about 40 and notoriously "baddest man on the planet" Mike Tyson (I don't know why).

ED's NOTE: Mike Tyson enjoyed a brief career as a pro-wrestler. So now you know.

The full roster can be found on THQ's site here, but here are my highlights:

  • Classic Kane
  • Undertaker
  • Mankind
  • Big Show
  • Steph McMahon
  • Vince McMahon and his awful snide god-damn face (I may have some unresolved issues from when I was 13)
  • Finally, Alicia Keyes! Oh wait, read that wrong. Alicia Fox, whoever that is.

WWE '13 will be released October 30th on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, published by THQ.

Jacob Dennis will pick Kane every time, and beat Vince McMahon's smirking face into the ground.

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