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ZombiU Director hints at possible sequel

ZombiU Director hints at possible sequel

by Ryuki Akira, 17 January 2013

Ubisoft’s Guillaume Brunier in an interview with Nintendo World Report was asked if ZombiU was a remake of Zombi.

“We have a hard time squashing this theory. ZombiU is not a remake of Zombi. True it’s a tempting thing to believe as there are similarities but we only realized this afterwards”, he said.

“Now if that helps ZombiU being a franchise, we should stop fighting for the truth!”

I sincerely hope that this is hinting at the series' continuation with a sequel. Although ZombiU did divide critics very sharply, I feel a majority of players “got it” and it's turned out, in my opinion, to be one of the most unique launch titles in history.

ZombiU is available as a physical purchase and via Nintendo’s Wii U eShop as a digital download.


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