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2nd June

16th July

  • Radiohead's co-manager defends Spotify

    Radiohead's co-manager defends Spotify

    by Corao Malley

    Is Spotify a good or bad thing for artists? That question's difficult to answer, certainly, but it has been given renewed focus by comments that Radiohead's Thom Yorke made via Twitter on Sunday. While his band's catalogue hasn't been pulled from Spotify (yet), Yorke has managed to have both his solo debut, The Eraser, and side-project Atoms For Peace's AMOK album removed from the service. [read more]

14th June

  • Rough Trade release End of the Road 2013 compilation next month

    Rough Trade release End of the Road 2013 compilation next month

    by Corao Malley

    Well before the actual festival takes place at the end of August, Rough Trade are set to release a 2CD compilation of material from some of the acts scheduled to appear at End of the Road 2013. [read more]

  • Rick Rubin opens up about his role on 'Yeezus'

    Rick Rubin opens up about his role on 'Yeezus'

    by Corao Malley

    In today's Yeezus update - which, in case you've been living under a rock for the last four weeks, is the new album from Kanye West which drops next Tuesday - producer Rick Rubin has been talking to The Wall Street Journal about the record, and some particularly interesting bits have surfaced, like how Rubin thought he was hearing the finished album, but ended up listening to 'three hours of partially finished pieces' - and that was three weeks ago. [read more]

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18th June

  • Bon Iver releases footwear range

    Bon Iver releases footwear range

    by Corao Malley

    Justin Vernon's latest project does not involve music or anything as conventional as that. Instead, having won two Grammy Awards earlier in the year, the Wisconsin-based singer's launching his own range of footwear. Yes, seriously. [read more]

15th June

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