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26th January

  • 10 Years of LCD Soundsystem

    10 Years of LCD Soundsystem

    by Lyle Bignon

    At their peak, Murphy and a crack team of touring musicians delivered an electrifying experience live; a clutter of strobes, beats, layers of synths and innovative percussion. On record, LCD captured the essence of the flourishing NYC dance-rock scene that thousands of artists and bands between Brooklyn and Brighton looked to emulate and be part of. [read more]

30th October

26th September

  • 5 Of The Best With Kaytranada

    5 Of The Best With Kaytranada

    by Lyle Bignon

    22 years old and making waves across the world with remixes spanning Janet Jackson to Tensnake, self-produced releases, live shows on three continents and production credits: The 405, meet Kaytranada. [read more]

13th August

8th July

3rd May

  • Staff Selection: Edition 6 (Lyle Bignon)

    Staff Selection: Edition 6 (Lyle Bignon)

    by Lyle Bignon

    Hello. You look hot today. I'm Lyle, I live in Birmingham. During the day, I pester music and news journos, look for pictures of dogs playing guitars to tweet about and write about artists, events and suchlike for two awesome music venues in the city. [read more]

18th October

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