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17th April

  • The evolution of music in video games

    The evolution of music in video games

    by The 405

    The effective use of music in video games can mean the difference between a forgettable damp squib of a scene at the end of a level, or an emotional climax that leaves you wanting more. In fact, the use of music in games is remarkably similar to how music is used in the film world, and there's a growing recognition of the importance of game soundtracks and the talent that goes into making them work. [read more]

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  • The A-Z of Being in a Band: A

    The A-Z of Being in a Band: A

    by The 405

    Firstly you will argue, a lot. Even if you are best buddies. My first tip is: Never start a band with your friends. Get a stranger from Gumtree on bass. It may be more awkward on long journeys while he watches Hentai on an iPad, and there is a slight chance you may have seen him on an episode of To Catch a Predator, but you’ll feel better bullying him, or shouting at him when he’s late for rehearsal because he was buying dog shit weed. [read more]

  • Flickr of the Day: Pull My Daisy

    Flickr of the Day: Pull My Daisy

    by The 405

    'Flickr of the Day' is a series looking at our favourite Flickr accounts from across the globe. From cats dressed in clothing, to provocative poses, we're looking to shine a light on the best of the web. [read more]

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