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19th December

18th December

  • Top 5 Videos of The Week

    Top 5 Videos of The Week

    by The 405

    "You're no saint. You got a free cab, you got a free room and someone who will listen to your boring stories. I mean, didn't you notice on the plane when you started talking, eventually I started reading the vomit bag? Didn't that give you some sort of clue, like hey, maybe this guy is not enjoying it? You know, everything is not an anecdote. You have to discriminate." [read more]

  • December 18th: Laurel

    December 18th: Laurel

    by The 405

    "When writing my newest EP Holy Water I was listening to a few select songs on repeat. I often do this as when I find a song I love I can't stop playing it for weeks." [read more]

17th December

16th December

15th December

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